Revision and Exam Practice Pack For GCSE AQA English Language

Written by a senior examiner!

Focused, engaging and student-friendly exam practice in manageable chunks. Sharpen technique with heaps of activities, exam-style questions and sample answers – easy to use and great for independent or in-class practice.

A really useful resource both for teaching the skills of the examination and for revision. It would work well as guided or independent study

R Shakeshaft, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Revision activities and practice questions…

  • Progressive revision tasks logically structured in the order of the exams – develops skills, and builds confidence and familiarity with the exam requirements. Activities include: terminology match-ups, extract timelines, true/false quizzes, PPE table fills, mark scheme analysis and more!
  • Exam-style questions on varied fiction and non-fiction extracts provide extensive practice, and encourage creative and original responses
  • Sample answer and marking exercises – help students recognise what makes a good answer, and demonstrate how to improve grades

… support students of all abilities!

  • Suggested strategies, writing plans and essay sentence starters to offset writer’s block
  • Tips on what the examiner is really asking, including decoding the command word – help students focus answers to gain top marks
  • Plus! Indicative content and examiner commentary for all revision activities and sample answers!

What do teachers say about this resource? (8467)

The content was exceptional. There are a lot of resources out there for the new specifications with language but few deal with it in as much detail as this... It is very thorough and detailed. Lots of chances to practise each style of question.

E Basford, Teacher, Senior Examiner & Peer Reviewer

A really useful resource both for teaching the skills of the examination and for revision. It would work well as guided or independent study... I like the range of texts and advice given to the approaching the questions. The sample answers and commentaries are very useful and provide useful material to direct self-/peer assessment... A really useful teaching and revision activity to support the Language paper...

R Shakeshaft, HoD & Peer Reviewer

The resource is high quality with a great choice of extracts, and the questions are all very focused on the demands of the new GCSE. The questions and sources are suitable for GCSE students and are broken down in such a way to allow students of all abilities to access the questions.

L Prince, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Easy to use to both teach and to use for homework and revision activities. The variety of materials would allow it to be used with pupils of all abilities... Clearly explains tasks – extremely useful both for pupils and for staff new to the specification... The variety of tasks and the increasing challenges allow the development of skills as the course progresses... Could be used with pupils of all abilities... The ‘what the examiner’ is looking for is useful – it should help [students] to develop and then focus their answers... The sentence starters are extremely useful and offer a foundation for pupils to structure their work... A well-planned resource.

S Freeburn, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Detailed and well planned. The range of texts used is great and gives a lot for [teachers] to pick and choose from to suit their classes... It can be used for both group and independent learning... I like the use of sample answers and opportunity for students to use the mark scheme to mark them.

J Roe, Programme Area Leader GCSE English & Peer Reviewer

The texts chosen and the activities on offer are good for students to revise with... [The resource] provides some good possibilities for practice questions, and students are crying out for texts and questions with the exam board having provided so few so far.

K Chanter, Head of English & Peer Reviewer