Skills-focused Homeworks for AS and A Level Edexcel German

Bespoke, interesting and engaging homeworks covering all 2016 AS and A Level Edexcel topics and practising a wide range of skills. For each of the six topics, there are three one–hour worksheets with different skills focus: ❶ Vocabulary, reading and summarising ❷ Grammar ❸ Writing and translation (both ways).

  • Ensures students revise content and practise exam skills at the same time
  • Relevant and contemporary texts will keep students engaged and ensure up-to-date knowledge of Target Language countries
  • Every worksheet has built-in differentiation, making the resource suitable for all learners
  • Incredibly versatile: use as independent homework, topic revision or skill-based exam practice
  • Clear and detailed mark schemes for easy assessment including translations and summaries

What do teachers say about this resource? (9071)

'I immediately liked the fact that the booklet is split into the six themes in the first year of A level course and that there are vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises and then translation exercises for the pupils to complete at home to allow for a greater depth of treatment of the content area. The section on research is also fabulous as pupils need to independently research the different themes they study in the German speaking world. Giving them a website to base their research on is great as the pupils often find it difficult to know where to start to find facts and information.' C Woodward, German Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8422)

'Overall it is a very comprehensive resource which enables thorough revision of vocabulary related with the two themes of the A-Level course [Year 2]. The translation/reading texts, apart from providing a review of vocabulary and grammar structures needed, provide useful factual information about the topics (e.g. Life in the DDR/emigration) which pupils can use to enhance their knowledge of German society for the speaking exam, as the facts/topics covered are not covered in the Edexcel textbook to the same degree.' C Hennessy, Head of MFL and Independent Reviewer