A Level Edexcel Musical Dictation Activities

  • All tracks on CD for classroom use
  • Full answers for easy marking

50 exam-style transcription activities covering melodies, rhythms, tablature and chord notations. Carefully tailored to match Question 4 of the new AS and A Level exams: perfect practice to refine exam skills.

Good range of exercises, suitability differentiated...

...Clear descriptions and introductions...

...Good knowledge of the specification

L Williams, Teacher and Expert Reviewer

Four progressive levels for clear differentiation:
  • ♪ Scaffolding transcriptions support weaker students in building skills and confidence
  • ♪ ♪ AS and ♪ ♪ ♪ A Level difficulty questions provide essential exam practice
  • ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Extensions allow students to practise the hardest exam questions

Plus Bonus special revision section on tablature and chord notation.

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Good range of exercises, suitability differentiated. Clear descriptions and introductions... Good knowledge of the specification and specimen assessment materials... Good practice for the students.

L Williams, Teacher and Expert Reviewer

Well pitched and provides ample, differentiated opportunities for students to practice their dictation skills at A Level... The inclusion of audio files for the dictation exercises is of great benefit as it allows the teacher to be of more use than just playing the examples! I also like the difficulty markings for each question... The value [in this resource] is the differentiated approach to teaching dictation skills and students being able to progress independently with audio tracks and answers provided. This provides a skills-based focus for students to improve their marks for this part of the paper.

J Reevell, Teacher & Peer Reviewer