GCSE Edexcel Unfamiliar Listening Homeworks

10 ready-to-use homeworks specially designed to boost skills for Section A of the Edexcel GCSE Music Exam.

A handy, versatile resource

R Shapey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Links to recordings on Spotify and Youtube so that students can access these at home
  • Self-contained homeworks including score extracts
  • Questions written using exam command words and in exam style to build confidence
  • Clear tasks which students can complete independently at home
  • Key GCSE vocabulary emphasised throughout for continual reinforcement
  • Full answers for easy marking

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This is a handy, versatile resource which can be used in lessons, for homework and for revision.

R Shapey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This idea is a good one.

D Jameson, Head of Music & Customer