Presentation Packs for Edexcel AS and A Level

Detailed presentations, with notes and examples, to teach a series of key concepts. Specifically designed to cover all topics of the new linear A Level!

  • Short and snappy – 6–20 slides per presentation
  • Clear and easily readable
  • Editable to suit individual teaching styles and requirements
  • Ideal for delivery via your interactive whiteboard – or for independent learning on the VLE!
“So good I want to start teaching with it straight away!” Nicola Santamaria, Curriculum Director & Independent Reviewer (previous edition)
"Very useful. Very comprehensive." S Bloom, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer (previous edition)

What do teachers say about this resource? (8992)

High quality resource which provides step by step instructions for students to revise from... Clear instructions, thorough content... [Enables] independent research from home... A definite must for independent learning/support... fits the specification perfectly.

S Bowles, Head of Maths & Customer