Original Writing and Reflective Commentary NEA Teaching Pack for A Level AQA English Language

Pick up and teach this 10-lesson scheme of work with clearly structured lesson plans and inspiring tasks for the NEA component of the 2015 A Level AQA specification. Reduce planning time and cultivate students’ creative and analytical minds!

A really impressive resource... This is more than just study material... This is essentially a comprehensive scheme of work, which ... would save valuable time

N Maloney, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer
  • Student-friendly notes, worksheets and writing tips covering each of the NEA topics (storytelling, persuasion, information) – designed to help students gain a clear grasp of what is required
  • Varied tasks include intros, mains, plenaries, homeworks and extension tasks – enable students to gain confidence and enjoy the process of writing and reflecting on their own work
  • Four exemplar pieces of original writing and reflective commentary with grading activities – get students thinking about what makes a piece of original writing successful and how assessment objectives are met
  • Indicative content for all activities – great for peer- and self-marking

A good insight into the demands of the coursework element... Helps the students focus on what they are going to need to do...

...They can get feedback along the way and do small, manageable tasks right through until the full draft stage

R Staley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Use in class alongside our NEA Support Packs to unlock the secrets of the Original Writing component and guide students towards achieving top grades.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8229)

Incredibly thorough and organised well into appropriate sections, making it possible for a teacher to just pick up and teach. The fact that all the indicative content is included at the end makes this an invaluable teaching resource, whether you are teaching it for the first time or have been teaching it for years.

The exemplar material is of a very high quality and I love the fact that there is a section included on taking it all a stage further, really stretching the able students.

It makes students probe deeply into both what they are reading and what they are writing. They are encouraged to work independently, but also the work is heavily scaffolded to help the weaker students. I can’t see how a student could do badly on their Original Writing NEA if they use this resource!

I feel that the focus on Assessment Objectives establishes a clear connection between the resource and the specification. Furthermore, the samples clearly exemplify the exam board’s expectations, ensuring a student’s success if they follow the advice given.

I so wish I had this resource before lockdown… or that I had time to reteach my current year 13s this unit again with this by my side!

A Davie, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A fantastic resource with a good range of activities that will be help students to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to produce high-quality and successful Original Writing NEA. The lesson plans are clear and straightforward and make explicit what students need to do when independently completing their NEA. The extracts selected by the author are well-chosen and students will find them engaging. There is a good balance between analytical and creative tasks, which students will enjoy... Good range of activities (including writing in the style of an established author, writing dramatic monologues, carousel activities and peer assessment tasks)... Engaging texts and YouTube videos have been included in this teaching pack, which students will enjoy... The Original Writing examples and suggested grades are very helpful for students to understand what they have to do to be successful in their own NEA.

R Cook, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A really impressive resource... This is clearly an author who understands the specification and is able to advise students accordingly. This resource is really well structured, with a clear development of the skills required... I was really impressed with the author’s knowledge, and there is a range of high-quality, varied resources that are challenging and thought-provoking... I really like how the [resource] enables the students to develop the skills for both their original writing piece and for the commentaries. I would feel confident as a teacher using the resource in the knowledge that the students would have access to everything they need to achieve the full range of marks... This is more than just study material... This is essentially a comprehensive scheme of work, which, as a teacher, would save valuable time.

N Maloney, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

A good insight into the demands of the coursework element. Tasks were staged to gradually build towards full drafts, and students were asked to make key decisions and engage with the assessment criteria early on... I liked the fact that the tasks took a variety of forms and there was a range of different writing styles covered. There is opportunity throughout for students to take greater responsibility for their learning... [The resource] helps the students focus on what they are going to need to do. They can get feedback along the way and do small, manageable tasks right through until the full draft stage.

R Staley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Some useful points raised and several good examples of pieces and what they might get to advise my students... Easy to use, self-explanatory and examples galore

C Scott, Curriculum Team Leader & Customer

Useful, particularly for those teachers new to English Language teaching or less confident with creative writing. It also offers reassurance and better models/examples than provided so far by AQA... The main enhancement to learning is the dual function of the analysis/prep lessons. By regularly analysing and comparing mini-texts, this prepares students well not only for the NEA but also the analysis/comparison elements of both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

P Town, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Looks excellent - includes lesson suggestions, extracts and student activities.

A Powell, Teacher & Peer Reviewer