Unseen Prose Preparation Packs for A Level OCR

Available for:
  • The Gothic
  • American Literature

Component 02: Comparative and Contextual Study

Give students the skills to conquer the unseen aspect of the A Level OCR Comparative and Contextual Study exam with this structured and confidence-boosting resource. Ready to use in class or as independent homework tasks.

Start the process with…

  • Reassuring exam advice, including a student-friendly breakdown of the AOs.
  • Plus! An accessible timeline of key events and texts for each topic.

Move onto…

  • 10 unseen prose extracts (unannotated and annotated) provide differentiation and showcase exemplary close reading analysis.
  • Sample essay paragraphs demonstrate critical appreciations, while reflective activities encourage students to examine and evaluate responses.
  • Plus! A further 10 prose extracts with close reading, topic convention and extension tasks to refine exam technique.

Complete with…

  • Exam-style questions put learning into practice.
  • Self-assessment mark schemes track
  • student progress.
  • Plus! Indicative content for all activities.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8223)
'A very well-constructed resource: I liked the fact that it gave a range of Gothic texts from different Gothic periods that would support learners in both sections of their exam, not just the unseen criticism... I also liked the way that each passage had a particular area of focus to target analysis... The range of activities and passages in the resource clearly focus the pupil on the kind of skills they need to develop in order to be successful in the exam. I also liked the way in which as the resource progressed, more was expected of the pupil - support was withdrawn appropriately...' J Hathaway, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
'A very precise and focused selection of examination-style tasks that simulates an exam experience for pupils... Very useful for training students to do an exam question and I can see them using this for revision too... This is of real value to a teacher as it is something that is very time consuming to create... Loved the bit on timings and stages of exam - so useful for the students! Excellent and useful unpacking of critical appreciation and the AOs - useful for students and teachers! The gothic mind map is excellent - very useful... Excellent and useful timeline... The example critical appreciations are great and the tasks are ideal for each... Great glossary... The indicative content is excellent... I am impressed by this resource!' C Hughes, Teacher, OCR Examiner and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8222)
"A good, clear explanation of the task for the exam. Includes excellent use of the assessment objectives throughout and some good attention to the American synoptic contextual information. The breakdown of the exemplar question is particularly helpful for weaker-ability students and hopefully will allow them to not be intimidated by the task after their GCSE level close-analysis exercises." T Tooze, Teacher of English, OCR Examiner and Independent Reviewer
'This is a very professional resource, well-related to purpose and well-focused on the Assessment Objectives... it is an appropriate level of difficulty and would provide excellent additional support and practice for this element of the course... the exemplar material is excellent and the activities are extremely good too. The passages chosen for analysis are excellent and wide-ranging.' - L Wilford, Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer