WJEC Library of Wales Poetry Anthology Activity Pack for GCSE English Literature

Confidence-boosting activities on the 15 prescribed poems from the One Hundred Poets from Wales anthology, explored through the lens of ‘love and loss’.

Flexible – use in class, or dip in and out of for effective homework tasks!

  1. Pre-reading activities provide a bird’s-eye view of the poem, focusing on the connotations of the titles, the visual representation of the poem and important contextual information.
  2. Activities include mind maps, research, close reading, discussion, word searches, extended writing tasks and more… Plus, all activities linked to the AOs!
  3. During-reading activities guide the student through the poem stanza by stanza, probing imaginative and assured responses to imagery and language, and the effects they create.
  4. Post-reading activities link to the overall ideas and attitudes conveyed, to encourage developed and thoughtful analysis sure to achieve top marks!
  5. Whole-collection activities practise essential comparison skills, provoking students to draw links across theme, ideas, messages, form and structure.

Plus! Answers to all activities included and 7 practice questions complete with indicative content for focused assessment practice.