Practitioners: Artaud: A Complete Guide for AS & A Level Edexcel

Enable students to undertake an exhilarating exploration of how theatre can be pushed to its extremes.

Engaging notes and inspired activities bring The Theatre of Cruelty to life! Students will explore, interpret and gain full appreciation of Antonin Artaud’s work and ethos:

  • Comprehensive and captivating notes cover Artaud from all angles
    • Including context, beginnings, works, purpose, practice, methods, techniques, influences, and collaborations.
  • Imaginative activities inform students’ interpretations by exploring ideas and experimenting with techniques.
    • Perfect balance of practical and non-practical tasks – including reflection, writing and research.
  • Dedicated assessment section offers practical advice on how to apply Artaud to the relevant components: Exploration and Performance (AS) and Devising and Theatre Makers in Practice (A Level)

Written specifically for Edexcel, with detailed indicative content and full teacher’s notes provided, this essential guide ensures that helping students get their heads round the extremes of Artaud’s theories has never been easier!