Quantitative Skills for A Level Edexcel Economics B

Targeting the weak spot

For top marks in Economics, students must get to grips with the maths. Guide your students to success with this comprehensive pack of theory notes, worked examples and practice questions to use in class or as homework. Perfectly matched to the QS annex – all the tools to tackle any calculation!

I really liked this resource... the explanations and examples were very clear and would make it easy for someone to understand even if they though they were not that good at maths

C Richards, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Essential exam practice

  • Packed with original exam-style questions
  • Plus full quantitative skills test with a variety of question types from multiple choice to data response
  • Answers and A5 booklet included

… for every student!

  • Detailed explanations of key terms and concepts in student-friendly language
  • Relevant, real-world data – from bus fares to wage growth
  • Range of difficulty levels builds weaker learners’ confidence and challenges high achievers

Brilliant - few resources offer students the opportunities to practice quantitative skills exclusively on a topic by topic basis

J Whatford, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8165)

The specification overview is thoughtful... theory overview is accurate to the specification... Part C examples - extremely useful! I think the covering of elasticity is really good actually - possibly one of the better ones I have seen and the transition from Part A to D is very clear... it is the type of material I would expect a learner to use between Year 1 and Year 2 in the summer break. With enough time, there is enough content for them to establish knowledge for the 2nd of delivery, allowing them time to synthesis their ideas with the papers case study questions.

L Price, Teacher & Peer Reviewer