The Picture of Dorian Gray: Comprehensive Guide for AS/A Level

The resource provides a supportive background to the novel with key themes and ideas identified in the discussion. There are engaging activities included and an interesting glossary of terms. I would recommend it a teacher who is teaching the novel for the first time. T Garland, Head of English and Ind. Reviewer (comments from previous edition)
Set text for:
  • Edexcel AS and A Level
  • OCR A Level

Oscar Wilde’s Gothic study of morality, religion and society tells the story of a charismatic young man whose ego leads him to a life of corruption and decadence in prudish Victorian England. Shed light on this scandalous work of art with in-depth chapter analyses, captivating exercises, and comparison tasks across the Edexcel and OCR set texts.

Engage your students!


  • debate prompts
  • active learning exercises
  • key literary and linguistic terms
  • ‘make the link’ tasks practise key comparison skills across Edexcel and OCR set texts
The pack tackles the key stages of text analysis:
  1. Walk-through Thorough section-by-section commentary walks students through each chapter
  2. Drawing it all together In-depth discussion of whole text focuses on: characterisation, relationships, genre, themes, language, form, structure, context, literary approaches
  3. Indicative content Supports teaching by ensuring all key areas are covered

Plus! Glossary of key terms ensures full understanding

The glossary will be invaluable to students

K Greaves, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8146)

Balanced, supportive and encouraging... It suggests wider reading material to develop [students'] understanding and responses to the text, which prepares them well for their assessment (both exam boards). There is a good variety of tasks which helps students develop their skills... I like how there is a wide range of literary and social contextual information... This links in with the AOs and encourages students to carry out further research... The chapter analysis for each section is clear and focused... It models what the students will be expected to do in their assignments. The themes of the text are analysed in detail and there is a bank of quotes from the text to support... There are many opportunities for students to carry out further research and they are supported with this... The glossary will be invaluable to students too... easy to use and all of the information is accessible for students and teachers. All the key terminology is highlighted in bold... This resource matches the specification of two exam boards very well. It clearly explains what AOs it meets and gives examples of possible tasks.

K Greaves, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I felt it was a good resource with detailed chapter summaries and some good biographical information on Wilde.
The educational value of this resource is to equip students with the detailed knowledge of plot and context. It can enhance teaching by giving teachers the information they need be ready to tackle the more complex elements of the text.

J Stockford, Teacher & Peer Reviewer