‘Devising’ Scheme of Work for GCSE Edexcel Drama

12 lessons mirroring the process outlined by Edexcel
  • 5 lessons on creating and developing ideas (stimuli)
  • 5 lessons on refining devised performances and design realisations (skills and techniques)
  • 2 lessons on analysing and evaluating (portfolio)

Teach the entire devising component with one resource!

12 structured and stimulating lessons to guide students step-by-step through the devising process – from planning to portfolio:

  • 12, logically structured, one-hour lessons fit seamlessly around rehearsal sessions
    • Each with warm-up, starter, mains, plenary and homework, and ideas for differentiation
  • 56 ready-to-use accompanying resources – including separate performer and designer worksheets


  • Scheme of work overview with lesson topic, objectives, AOs and resources needed – for easy planning
  • Portfolio log book for students to fill in after every lesson – all their notes in one place for easy access
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8144)
"A fantastic ‘way in’ to devising – engaging, clear, well-structured and well-written to be clear but have a friendly tone! I have struggled previously to make clear lessons within the freedom of devising component for GCSE Drama. I feel like this is a very adaptable resource but also that it is ready to go with little alteration. I have simply added in a few extra lessons for free devising, and kept much of the rest the same. I think it will really help me this year to structure my lessons and scheme of work much better." J Parsons, Drama Teacher and Satisfied Customer
"Great resource – detailed overview of each section needed to be covered. It guides students through the process creatively. Buy this resource as it saves you lots of planning time! Timings provided are realistic and students enjoy the activities." A Noon, Head of Drama and Satisfied Customer