Quantitative Skills Workbook for GCSE 9-1 OCR Economics

Numeracy in Economics Workbook

An intelligent and useful resource… to support independent work more than mere GCSE quantitative coverage. It is a workbook, a self-study guide D Holland, Head of Economics & Independent Reviewer

Pitched perfectly for GCSE 9–1 Economics: the right level, concepts and contexts to ensure economic numeracy. Comprehensive theory explanations, worked examples and practice questions to use in class or as homework – all in a student-friendly voice.

Supports Self-study!

  1. Easy to understand explanations of key concepts and calculations targeting quantitative skills
  2. Real-world data – from the balance of trade to unemployment rate – applies theory to relevant, realistic situations
  3. Answers and A5 workbook version included

Plenty of Exam Prep

  • Packed with original exam-style questions
  • Plus full quantitative skills test with a variety of question types from multiple choice to data response