Topic on a Page for OCR Physics A

Visually attractive A3 resource with concise, easy-to-learn summaries of every specification topic. Diagrams and charts illuminate key concepts: ideal for visual learners.

Included for each topic:
  • Summary poster giving at-a-glance overview
  • Activity worksheet with focused and varied tasks
  • Outline sheet for the student to complete

Perfect for revision!
  • Key equations highlighted throughout
  • Exam tips providing guidance in tricky areas
  • Definition boxes – embed key terminology
  • Detailed answers with mark schemes for easy assessment or self-marking

Plus extra flexibility:
  • Write-on worksheets give lots of options for completion of activity poster tasks.
  • Display in classroom or at home, or use as place mats
  • Activity pages make excellent homework

What do teachers say about this resource? (9283)

This is a useful resource that summarises each topic nicely with good clear diagrams which are well set out.
The A3 sheets can be used to learn the content and then test yourself on how well that you can recall the content. This allows students to identify which parts of the specification they can recall.
The number of ways the package can be used is a great help. The A3 sheets can be used by students for revision, but can also be used to give a visual display around the classroom.
It is well worth the money to support students' revision.

A Layton, HoD & Peer Reviewer