Topic on a Page for A Level Edexcel Organic Chemistry (Year 1 & 2)

The resource you've always wanted!

Elegant and highly visual A3 summaries of every A Level Organic Chemistry topic – mechanisms, synthesis and practical techniques are brought to life and made accessible and engaging for all! Carefully matched to spec for outstanding exam preparation.

Perfect for learning, perfect for revision!
  • Includes A3 functional group maps for a brilliant overview of AS – A Level Organic
  • Synthesis – analysis strategies highlighted
  • Exam tips help tackle misconceptions
  • Mechanisms annotated throughout to support learning and understanding

Flexibility included for each topic:
  • Summary page giving at-a-glance yet detailed overview of all content : the ultimate revision tool
  • Activity worksheet to actively assess learning : superb for homework or revision
  • Outline poster for the student to complete : ready-made revision lessons for groups or individuals