Topic on a Page for A Level AQA Organic and Inorganic Chemistry (Year 1 & 2)

The resource you've always wanted!

Elegant and highly visual A3 summaries of every A Level Organic and Inorganic Chemistry topic – mechanisms, synthesis and practical techniques are brought to life and made accessible and engaging for all! Carefully matched to spec for outstanding exam preparation.

Perfect for learning,
perfect for revision!
  • Includes A3 functional group maps for a brilliant overview of the topic
  • Synthesis – analysis strategies highlighted
  • Exam tips help tackle misconceptions
  • Mechanisms annotated throughout to support learning and understanding

Makes revision a more enjoyable and productive experience

C Lawrence, HoD and ZigZag Customer

Flexibility included for each topic:
  • Summary page giving at-a-glance yet detailed overview of all content : the ultimate revision tool
  • Activity worksheet to actively assess learning : superb for homework or revision
  • Outline sheet for the student to complete : ready-made revision lessons for groups or individuals

What do teachers say about this resource? (8104)

Really liked by pupils and staff as a summary/revision tool.

The activity sheets are an excellent tool for hang a revision lesson around. They lead to lots of discussion about the key examinable points.

It is very focused on what they need to know. Even contains exam tip boxes.

Our students (able and less able) all rate it very highly. Makes revision a more enjoyable and productive experience.

C Lawrence, HoD and ZigZag Customer

These Organic Chemistry Resource Sheets are a fantastic resource for A-level candidates. Not only are overview reactions given but, more importantly, the reaction mechanisms are provided in a clear manner which makes them excellent for revision.

Most important is that each topic in the specification is on a single page which makes it easy for the student to review an entire topic in a very short space of time.

Dr B Rae, Teacher and Peer Reviewer