'Tricky Topics’ Worksheets for A Level Edexcel Physics

Exam-skills preparation packs

Prepare your students for the hardest material the exams can throw at them.

12 worksheets covering the trickiest areas of the exam. Every worksheet contains:

  • Skill focus! Developing skills and competencies pivotal to exam success
  • Multiple worked examples show crucial skills in action
  • Differentiated questions start off covering the basics, and progress to support students as they tackle the questions that will really stretch them
  • Exam-style practice questions: Students put the skills they’ve learnt to the test!


  • Detailed mark schemes: Fully worked answers to every question, so that students can follow through and check where they have gone wrong
  • GCSE refresher: Consolidate that vital basic knowledge
  • Highly adaptable: Use independently as revision or homework, or in the classroom as main lessons or as cover

What do teachers say about this resource? (8099, 8100, 8101)

Gives confidence to shaky students!

M Qume, Tutor & Peer Reviewer