Electricity & Magnetism ‘Technical Topics’ Worksheets for A Level Edexcel Physics

12 sets of worksheets to support electricity and magnetism teaching.

Give your lessons ZAP! with these electricty – magnetism skills worksheets, bursting with worked examples and practice questions to prepare students for those shockingly difficult exam questions.

  • Brilliant exam prep: Exam tips throughout for tackling difficult questions on the new A Level specs
  • Highly adaptable: Use for lesson mains, homework or cover lessons
  • Accessible to all: Questions differentiated to cover the full difficulty range – all the way to A*

Includes ‘introduction to electricity – magnetism’ GCSE background and diagnostic quiz to consolidate that crucial basic knowledge.

Topics include:
  • Components and V/I graph interpretation
  • Potential dividers
  • Capacitors and time measurement
  • Faraday’s and Lenz’s laws