Starters and Plenaries for AS/A Level Yr 1 AQA Biology

Let learning germinate and bloom with these short and stimulating classroom activities

Activities Include:
  • Enzyme dominoes
  • Carbohydrate card sort
  • Adaptation annotation
  • Cell cycle back-to-back game
  • Transcription and translation tarsia

Designed to support core factual learning as well as growth of maths and practical skills, these imaginative pick-up-and-use activities will enrich any S.o.W.

  • Fantastic variety of activities for each major topic motivates and enthuses all learning styles
  • Super teacher-friendly, with guidance and answers for every activity
  • Perfect lesson building blocks, with spec links, possible uses and timings

What do teachers say about this resource? (8079, 8080, 8081)

I thought this resource was really well designed. It covers all the AS topics and is an engaging mix of real-life examples of concepts we teach, very clear visuals and a great range of teaching ideas.

The variety of activities is refreshing.

C Russell, HoD and Peer Reviewer

I particularly liked the range of activities, in particular the group activities where students can share their ideas with each other. I also liked how the resources encouraged the use of key terminology allowing students to become more comfortable with the scientific words needed in their course.

L Roberts, Teacher and Peer Reviewer