Homework Pack for GCSE OCR A Biology

Deliver a fantastic homework programme for your GCSE students with these homework packs – each covering half the GCSE course.

I loved this resource... It's comprehensive and offers a good range of questions

E James, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Exam style question with every homework – build technique throughout!

Varied, engaging activities provide excellent opportunities to consolidate and develop writing, creative, practical and maths skills – exactly what GCSE Biology students need!

  • Differentiated to include two versions of each homework so you can give some students more scaffolding and examples.
  • Tailored to match the course, with specification grid so you know when to use each homework.

  • Matches the specification perfectly

    E James, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • Full mark schemes allow you to track progress of your students through the year, as well as peer & self assessment.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7998, 8047, 8048)

I loved this resource. It's comprehensive and offers a good range of questions. It would be easy to use and quick to mark. Each homework is differentiated in to foundation and higher tiers. I would highly recommend this resource.

I think this resource matches the specification perfectly. I think this resource is brilliant. It has a fantastic range of activities that will challenge students' recall.

E James, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This is a well-designed set of resources that test learning and extend concepts with real-life examples.

The key strengths of the resource are the variety of activities – from creating mind maps, codebreaking, designing tweets from scientists, drawing and labelling diagrams, critiquing practical methods, comprehension, maths skills and graph drawing

the foundation worksheets are still quite challenging (unlike some others I have seen which tend to be too easy) and the higher papers will stretch the most able – this makes planning and assessment for teachers easier and also ensures that all students can access one of the two pieces of HW

C Russell, HoD and Peer Reviewer

I liked the range of style of activities as this would help to encourage student interest and completion of homework.

C Law, HoD and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9789, 9790, 9791)

I liked that the sheets were not all info then comprehension Qs. There is a really good mix of activity/ task type – from gap fills, label diagram, drawing, long response Qs, puzzles.
I think this challenges the students as there is a good variety of high level questions. The page set up was very good and looks like it would be easy to photocopy and give as a handout for homeworks. I enjoyed reading this set of worksheets. There are some useful aspirational bits for careers and biology in context tasks - this makes it more of a unique resource and sets it apart from others.
This is a great homework resource for reviewing and extending work covered on lessons. The different versions of the worksheets are well differentiated e.g. easier graphs with a scale, letters for gap fills, more labels on diagrams, etc.
I thought the specification was well represented with all units having activities and questions. All units had equal weighting. This makes it different to some other schemes which concentrate on the trilogy sections more and only put a few questions for the separate content.

J Greig, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I love the idea of having ready-made homework activities and this resource certainly delivers in that the tasks are varied and interesting.
It covers the spec really well - each section is labelled with a learning checklist, similar to a learning objective.
It is very detailed and the author has clearly spent a great deal of time on developing the resource.

H Boothby, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Overall I feel that this is an excellent resource. The activities are well planned and engaging for the students to complete. I particularly like how there are exam questions that link to each activity.

The resource was differentiated appropriately, but was subtle. At a glance, all worksheets look the same.

I like the fact the topics link with the specification and can be correlated easily.

S Howie, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Independent learning for students - easy for staff to give to pupils.

I particularly like this resource because it's less work and covers content as well as skills such as graph and reading tables.

Makes life easy.

U Barnett, HoD & Peer Reviwer