Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE 9–1 Eduqas

Stimulating and imaginative homeworks with detailed coverage of the theoretical framework, set products and relevant theories for GCSE 9–1 Eduqas. A fantastic tool for reinforcing classroom learning and gauging student understanding.

Simple and straightforward, really easy to navigate through and covers what is required by the exam board. L Bird, Media Studies Subject Leader and Independent Reviewer
Component 2B: Music Videos and Online Media
Covers all 6 set artists so you can change your selection year to year with ease.

Encourage independent learning and improvement!

  • Tailored to ability – tasks are structured in three distinct learning levels and marked with discreet icons
  • Engages your class and aids student confidence with a wide range of progressively difficult visual and creative tasks, including planning activities, exam-style questions, gap-fills, pitch writing, and much more

Ready to use with no teacher preparation!

  • Mapped to the spec for quick and effective homework choices
  • Indicative content included – ideal for easy marking

A great accompaniment to the GCSE 9–1 Eduqas Teaching Packs

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (9016)
"This homework pack is differentiated well, allowing for a range of learners to access it and progress from it. A nice variety of different types of activities. Excellent for teachers to either set as homework or to be used in class as lesson activities." - M Toogood, HoD and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (9012)
"A good selection of homework tasks that would benefit teachers and students throughout the learning process of the Eduqas course... The resource offers a revison-esque approach to repeat and remind students of the key media concepts with a variety of different tasks, fill the blanks, match the words etc. Good for differentation. Good use of set texts from the exam board along with other texts that serve as the "unseen texts" in the exam so good practice there for the students. The course is HUGE in terms of set texts and different media covered, tasks like these are useful to revise from and assess student's knowledge and understanding." - M Toogood, Media Studies Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A clear overview with outlined tasks that demonstrate a progression in developing students knowledge and understanding. I liked that there are a range of activities using set texts and wider texts.' - K Sims, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8004)
"Very useful... As a mixed ability subject it is useful to make the students feel more cohesive as a class... It takes the thought out of homework setting and can be used by non-specialists as well... ZigZag are invaluable – I genuinely don’t know how we would have taught the course otherwise" - H Parmenter, Head of Media Studies and Independent Reviewer
'I thought this resource was very well structured and complements the previously published Sitcoms Teaching Pack well. It matches the specification well, and allows learners an element of choice, and to learn at their own pace. The Scheme of Work grid was very useful as it was clear and easy to see the different tasks at a glance, allowing teachers to pick and choose a task by theme, rather than having to follow them in a rigid order.' S Backhouse, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I liked it. Simple and straightforward, really easy to navigate through and covers much/most of what is required by the exam board... The exam style questions throughout are good as they also act as a guide for teachers as to what students need to have been taught. I like the Info sheet on page 12 (Audience Theories) very handy and well explained; having indicative answers is also helpful to the teacher throughout the scheme. I like the designing your own show idea in H/W 3 – I think students would enjoy this... ‘Real style’ exam questions throughout the scheme for students to practice are really good. It is good to be able to have a pack of ready made homeworks that can be sent home with students... The scheme covers a good range of the required angles necessary for thorough study of the two set texts. Key concepts LIAR are all covered to a good standard. The use of exam style questions throughout the scheme is great to show students what to expect and practice writing appropriate answers... It is straightforward and easy to follow, has good ideas. I definitely like the idea of differentiated tasks for different levels of challenge also.' – L Bird, Media Studies Subject Leader & Independent Reviewer