Sense and Sensibility Eduqas AS Level Exam Preparation Pack

Sharpen your students’ senses in the run-up to the AS Level Eduqas exams with this cohesive exam prep pack! Apply understanding and perfect exam technique with key revision activities, essay-building tasks, exam-style questions, mark schemes and model answers – all specifically designed for the AS Level Eduqas Component 1 exam.

  1. Varied revision notes and activities cover key points of plot, characterisation, themes, narrative and stylistic technique, attitudes and values, and perspective.
    • Character fact sheet provides a clear breakdown of ‘who’s who’.
    • Creative activities challenge students to ‘think themselves into’ the world of Austen.
    • ‘Complete the quotes’ and ‘Who said what?’ provide a bank of essential quotations in preparation for the closed-book exam.
  2. Essay-builder activities demonstrate effective essay-writing skills from planning and sequencing information to drafting an effective exam response.
    • Throughout! Preparation prompts offer practical suggestions to help students develop effective essay-writing skills, including reading for critical analysis, note-taking, and structuring essays.
  3. Plus! 10 exam-style questions with indicative content, 4 sample responses with examiner commentary, and reflective student activities provide plenty of practice, while encouraging self- and peer-assessment to guarantee progress and exam success.

Ready to embed into your revision programme in class or as homework.