Homework Packs for AS and A Level AQA English Language

20 ready-to-use, easy-to-set homeworks carefully constructed to supplement the teaching of the 2015 AS and A Level AQA English Language specification. These stand-alone homework sheets provide a variety of tasks covering all the AOs, to reinforce understanding of the key themes and develop vital exam skills.

A perfect way for students, especially towards the end of the course, to revise for each exam paper purposefully

P Town, HoD & Peer Reviewer (on Change & CLD)


  1. Overview table directly linking each homework to the AQA specification to support curriculum planning and mapping
  2. Progressive worksheets with clear learning outcomes, imaginative activities and useful tips. Plenty of analysis practice and exam-style questions to draw focus to exam preparation included –perfect for revision!
  3. Plus! Extension tasks to challenge the most able – makes differentiation easy!
  4. Indicative content for every homework enables quick marking

What do teachers say about this resource? (7866)

This is an excellent resource which teachers and students will find extremely useful. It covers most elements of the AQA A-level specification, and will help to complement and consolidate in-class study and activities as it is based on core A-level English Language content. The examination tasks are relevant and in the same style as the exam board’s, which is helpful. The ‘extension tasks’ provide additional challenge, which will undoubtedly push students’ thinking further. A wide range of tasks are used which are both challenging and differentiated, and are accessible for all A-level students to complete.

Exam questions are realistic to what the exam board (AQA) sets, so are excellent preparation for students.
‘Extension tasks’ are useful for stretching and challenging students further.

There is a good mix of shorter and longer tasks.

Mark scheme/answer section at the back of the resource is very useful and will save teachers lots of time.

This resource is excellent for enhancing learning because it clearly complements the key content that students learn in lessons, so it will help them to consolidate their learning. The wide range of activities can also be used for revision at a later date, and the exam/assessment questions are in the same style as the exam board’s (AQA) so are very useful for preparing students for trial and/or real examinations.

This resource matches and interprets AQA’s A-level English Language specification very well. The content matches the key content of AQA’s A-level specification, examination questions are also in the same style as the real examinations. Core A-level English Language content is covered, which is useful to consolidate students’ in-class learning. Many key theories and terminology that students are expected to learn in lessons are also covered (though more of these would be useful).

It is an excellent resource that will be extremely useful for teachers and students. It matches the A-level specification and course content perfectly so it is excellent to consolidate what students have learned in lessons. There is an excellent range of tasks that will stretch and challenge students (particularly the essay questions), which will ultimately help to prepare them for A-level examinations.

A very useful resource, overall. A-level English Language teachers and students will find this very beneficial because it covers lots of course content and has an excellent range of activities which will consolidate students’ understanding, as well as stretching and challenging them further.

R Cook, Assistant Curriculum Leader & Peer Reviewer

This is an amazing resource with a great selection of tasks for students to complete at home (or in school) They fit really well with all the components of the A Level course and would be really useful for any teacher of A Level English Language.

It would support any of the work that a teacher chooses to do in a classroom, without being dependent on those materials. It would also provide an outline for a long term plan for teachers in general.

It's easy to follow as it is and easy to divide into units as required.

It really clearly matches the specification and would make it really clear to students too.

A really supportive resource.

A Davie, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A really detailed, well laid out, easy to use resource with lots of practical in class uses.

I really like the range of activities and tasks available. The texts that are used as part of the activities are modern and will appeal to students which is something the textbooks don't always do. This will help to make the study of sociolinguistics that much more relevant to the students.

I think this resource will help a lot of students consolidate their learning and will also be incredibly helpful for teachers. I find that setting homeworks for A Level can be more challenging than the younger years as I'm never sure how to do this, so having these ready to use tasks would be incredibly helpful.

Layout and presentation are very clear.

C Testa, Head of English & Peer Reviewer

A comprehensive resource with a high level of detail. This is particularly useful for centres teaching this qualification for the first time or for new teachers of the specification... The tasks are engaging and cover a wide range of topics for both Paper 1 and 2... This would be of particular use in the run-up to exams as revision on individual topics... Requires minimal preparation on behalf of the teacher... [The layout] is attractive and professional. I imagine students would be engaged by the images and graphics used... I would definitely purchase this resource – as an examiner I am very familiar with the exam requirements but don’t always have the time to produce engaging supplementary tasks.

H McCombie, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer (on Diversity)

A fantastic resource which would help teachers and students alike.

Great extension tasks to stretch and challenge most able.

Great variety of different tasks and areas of study. A teacher could set homeworks non-chronologically according to the time in the course it is covered, or as in interleaving exercise to ensure that all areas of the spec are entrenched in students’ minds. Likewise, they could be used as a pre-reading exercise, whereby students need to research and come up with their responses before discussion in a lesson – a very versatile resource.

Great sample exam-style questions and sources to look at which were of a manageable size for homework.

It can be used to stimulate discussion in class and is very easy for teachers to mark quickly.

L Ashford, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7867)

What a great idea. With so much time pressure on teachers, coming up with meaningful homework tasks for the new A level is really difficult. This is a perfect way for students, especially towards the end of the course, to revise for each exam paper purposefully... I ... like the building of skills and the range of interesting and engaging texts to analyse... It covers key terminology but combines it well with application skills, i.e. naming processes, answering questions, but most importantly textual/data analysis, which is key to so much of the examination.

P Town, HoD & Peer Reviewer (on Change & CLD)

I really liked the range of resources and stepped tasks given. It provides a nice bank of sources that you could just pick up and use without the hassle of spending lots of time searching for interesting articles... I liked the neatness and user-friendly nature of the tasks. The questions are accessible and judged well... It's a great resource.

S Alsop, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (on Change & CLD)

Comprehensive throughout. The level of terminology builds as it progresses, which is particularly useful. The ideas are set out clearly. A good range of key information and questions is employed throughout... The ... texts provided for analysis are both appropriate and engaging... The answer section at the back is much appreciated... a useful tool for self-assessing or peer marking... I particularly liked the way in which this resource was set out. Students can build their knowledge then move to an exam example... It provides an excellent platform for teachers [and] is useful for newcomers who have not taught the course before... A thorough resource. Well thought out, with excellent details and exemplar materials.

L Robinson, HoD & Peer Reviewer (on Change & CLD)