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Blocks Spelling and Reading Programme: Vowel Sounds Second Edition

Engage and enthuse students with 'Blocks'; a systematic spelling and reading resource aimed at improving students’ existing literacy skills.

Blocks teaches children new skills, reinforces what they already know and gives them the confidence to use these skills in everyday situations

Customer (1st edition)

Six sections guide students step by step through a range of reading, spelling, writing and sound identification skills. With over 90 write-on worksheets providing a clear record of progress throughout the year, this pack is perfect for both one-to-one teaching and small-group work.

Key points:

  • Written by a teacher with 30+ years’ experience with this programme – with proven success in raising spelling and reading ages.
  • A progression of skills throughout the six sections – students go from identifying onsets in single words, to working through paragraphs of text.
  • Concrete ways to break down words into beats or syllables. Lots of practice in common sound letter patterns.
  • Includes cue cards and flash cards of each word – a perfect quick visual aid or classroom display.

I've been looking for something like this!...

...Everything about it is introduced and set out extremely clearly and the worksheets appear to require just enough thought and effort on the part of the pupil...

...I look forward to using the resource.

P Loveday, SEN Tutor & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Review based on first edition – it's now even better!

New in this Edition!
  1. In-depth instructions for each task, perfect for TAs and students
  2. Fully illustrated throughout to keep engagement
  3. Self-assessment opportunities on each worksheet monitor students’ progress

What do teachers say about this resource? (7827)

I liked the open-ended opportunity to fill in initial letters or letter blends to make words... The worksheets could be useful for independent follow up work or homework. All the major phonic sounds are covered so that all possible spelling difficulties would be addressed.

G Howard, SEN Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Blocks teaches children new skills, reinforces what they already know and gives them the confidence to use these skills in everyday situations.

Customer (1st edition)

The introduction is excellent in laying out not only the rationale behind the programme but also in making clear the terminology used, as well as areas of difficulty for pupils. Really clear – well done... The pedagogy is clear... The resources for the pupils are excellent. They are clear and well-presented... the activities were good and the repetition of style of task a helpful way of establishing different sounds. I like the nonsense words – these would be great fun with pupils... The split digraphs sheet 4 I also thought was useful for ensuring understanding... The worksheets are clear and excellent. The grid game is a very good addition. The cue cards are good. I think it is good that a teaching assistant could work with a pupil on this as, one understood, it would be accessible to them... It would be a good way of re-visiting sounds with pupils who have done the phonics programmes... It is good for working with an individual and would undoubtedly, as the author says, help to build their confidence in reading and spelling... it would certainly help pupils with spelling and reading difficulties improve which would enhance their grades at GCSE where SPAG is featuring ever more highly... This is clearly the result of a great deal of experience and I admire the work which has gone into this. It is excellent...a tried and tested scheme

S Griffin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A fresh approach to remedial reading and spelling, SEN Blocks represents an enormous amount of work on the part of the author. It is an extensive programme... Included are detailed, useful instructions for using the book... The scheme has attractive illustrations and a consistent layout

J Pullig, SEN Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Well-constructed phonics programme with a clear introduction on how to use the programme... The lesson sheets make preparation a minimum

M Anthony, Assistant Headteacher, SEN Teacher, & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Very comprehensive... Particularly liked the advice to allow the pupil time to self-correct. The programme puts the different spellings for same sounds together. Pupils usually like the repetition of worksheet format as they know what to expect next...I like the illustrations at the top of passages/worksheets to remind pupils what sound is being worked on... The different spellings of each vowel sound are introduced one sound at a time. Pupils will be encouraged to attempt to spell words using different vowel spelling patterns and look for which looks right... A really good resource to help pupils who have not understood or learned the spelling rules at primary school.

P Loveday, SEN Tutor & Peer Reviewer

Easy to follow and structured so that the student could see progress... Clearly set out, which is good for both staff and students... Helps learning by giving different terms to skills which pupils may feel they have struggled with... A useful resource for those looking for a new way to encourage skills development in those pupils who... have gaps in their knowledge.

M Mawn, Inclusion Manager, SEN Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

A comprehensive and systematic approach to spelling. Like the idea of strong links between sounds rather than rigid spelling rules... Like the use of nonsense words and scanning activity to synthesis learning

A Roper, Advisory Learning Support Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

Provides a detailed way of teaching phonics that supports students with decoding and spelling... The resource is very detailed. Follows a logical pattern. Clearly explained. Use of nonsense words - good for students, but also good for reminding teachers of how they use their phonics knowledge without thinking... This resource is useful for students who haven't mastered phonics at a young age

L Deighton, HoD & Peer Reviewer

A comprehensive resource, which clearly took a learner through each step of phonological awareness, phonemes and graphemes.

C Hughes Davies, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A good, well-thought-out resource. I could see children responding well to the graphics and 'how did you do boxes'... Good, clear teacher's notes.

J Tymo, Basic Skills Development Manager & Peer Reviewer

Will be useful... I particularly like this resource because it is interactive.

J Williams, Customer (1st edition)

The Blocks resources could easily become part of an education booster programme within both the secondary and primary sector. Its short (15/20 min) tasks allow the teacher/LSA to create a targeted intervention package that would boost the spelling and reading skills of any learner... An advantage of the programme is that the tasks have a form of continuity with them. Each of the tasks look the same so would allow a form of independence and confidence... Working from basic concepts the Blocks programme allows the learner to re-examine letter sounds that may have been missed during previous years and build upon their confidence in this area... the programme is transferable to other texts and in turn other subjects across the curriculum.

K Dewsnap, SENCO & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

It's different from other spelling programmes I've used... I've been looking for something like this!... Everything about it is introduced and set out extremely clearly and the worksheets appear to require just enough thought and effort on the part of the pupil... Spelling through working with sounds is a different approach that I feel will work. Pupils won't feel they are just working through lists of spelling patterns as they are working with several patterns at once... Extremely clear... I look forward to using the resource.

P Loveday, SEN Tutor & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)