SEND: Guidance and Approaches for School Staff

Keep teachers and support staff up to date with our SEND guidance and approaches pack, updated to support the new 2015 code of practice. This one-stop shop of SEN resources supports SENCOs and teachers in a variety of ways.

  • Section 1
    Breaks down the 2015 code of practice summarising the major changes and new approved strategies. – Takes the pressure off busy SENCOs by providing a first class reference point.
  • Section 2
    Succinct bullet-point summary of each SEN with ‘What it is’ guide and ‘How to help’ guidance on coping effectively in the classroom. Plus, websites and useful links. – Tried and tested SEN educational strategies ensure both your and your students’ success.
  • Section 3
    Over 20 supporting worksheets aid pupils in the classroom or one-to-one sessions. – Includes activities for engagement plus basic skills for reading, writing, spelling and memory.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7826)

Very compassionately written with the child being the priority throughout. The author has obviously had lots of ‘real’ experience with SEN and has been empathetic too. I really liked the child focused approach to educating educators and the various links and correct clarifications of the new COP. I also liked the optimistic view of the various SENs and the hope that if we improve our teaching all children will benefit not just those who may have SEN.... I really liked the resources and activities at the end. These are exactly the ‘gap’ I encounter when working with SEN children. Staff would use the resources... If read, this resource would enhance learning for all children as if the educators are following the advice learning would naturally become more inclusive for the children. Many teachers I have worked with have a very poor knowledge or SEND, so this would really help them... I would recommend this guide. Well done!

K, Verity, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This is an excellent tool for teachers either as a training tool or a reference which they could draw upon throughout the year as situations arises. I feel the first section would give teachers an excellent insight into the new code of practice.

H Baker, Educational Consultant & Peer Reviewer

This is a very useful starting point for Teachers and Lecturers in understanding the range of student and learner needs who may be statemented or have additional learning needs. It is a good overview of the key areas in terms of presentation and diagnosis.

M Flagg, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

I think this would be very useful for Mainstream schools to use to form the basis of their SEND policy. It has useful classroom based suggestions as well as examples of strategies which could be used with SEN pupils. It could also form part of an NQT's initial training on SEND... I think it could form the basis of an SEN policy or guide for staff in mainstream school. The suggestions could be followed easily and they are very practical... A very well thought out resource which covers all the main requirements of the new EHC plan process as well as very sensible practical suggestions for managing SEND within the classroom.

C Law, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I can see the value of purchasing this in order to support colleagues’ understanding of SEN and the Code. It would be valuable for those new to SEN and the Code (whether teachers, support staff or those wishing to become SENCOs).

J Williams, SENCO & Peer Reviewer

I feel the resource would be particular useful as a resource for new teachers, who have little experience of SEN pupils in the mainstream and for the training / updating of teaching assistants. I could see it as a file left in the staffroom or departmental offices for staff to refresh their understanding of individual pupil's problems.

P Guy, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The concept is strong - unpicking SEN legislation, complementing it with an overview of the more common SEN one is likely to encounter within education, and culminating in a short resource bank to support inclusion.... I liked the overall concept as explained above and the structured approach used to clearly outline the different additional educational needs being considered. The inclusion of relevant websites to access further information is a particular strength.

A Parham, Yeacher & Peer Reviewer

This is a useful reference tool for any SEN department which could be used in a variety of ways and save a lot of time for the SENCO as well as offering information for other staff, governors and SMT...The excellent distillation of the new Code of Practice is concise, clear and focused.... I'd purchase it without a doubt and have already shared it with the SENCO who I now line manage.

S Griffin, Teacher, SENCO & Peer Reviewer