Set Work on a Page for GCSE Edexcel Music

Covers the essentials concisely.

Activities are targeted, appropriate and will go a long way to help prepare students for exam style questions

J Horsey, Music Teacher & Peer Reviewer
2016 Spec
First certification 2018

Unique, student-friendly A3 revision posters carefully designed to build familiarity with all 8 set works of Unit 3 of the NEW 2016 GCSE (9–1) Edexcel specification. Covers all of the key terms, passages, contextual points, and musical features, to ensure students engage with the music and absorb vital information.

Corresponds to the new specification brilliantly

R Shapey, Music Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Perfect for ❶ introducing the set works, ❷ consolidating knowledge during the course, ❸ and as a revision tool when preparing for exams!

Each page is provided as:

  1. A complete Revision Poster
  2. A partially complete Activity Poster with focused and varied tasks

Provided in both A3 and A4 format!

  • Clearly structured to cover essential knowledge and features illustrated with key score excerpts – great for visual learners and classroom display!
  • Includes wider listening posters for each ‘Area of Study’ to build comparative appraising skills and encourage deeper understanding
  • Stimulating activities including: melody/rhythm transcriptions, true/false questions, match-ups, fill-in-the-blanks, and long-answer evaluative questions (with indicative content) – puts revision into practice!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7787)

A wonderful resource which breaks down each set work into manageable chunks. Very ideal for revision lessons, and students who are visual learners... Students get to revise key terms and concepts, and remind themselves of elements in the set work visually by looking at score examples and filling in missing parts of the school... There is not like this out on the market at the moment. I like how there are different questions and section, as well as the breathe of areas of each set work it covers... This is a fantastic resources which will save you time. Student like it and it is well laid out with different activities for them to which will enhance their learning or revision.

A John, Teacher & Customer

Excellent uses of imagery, drawing upon samples from the score to highlight key features of both the set works and the wider listening examples... this is an excellent resource to support students understanding of the Edexcel Set works and a small sample of wider listening pieces. The activities are targeted, appropriate and will go a long way to help prepare students for exam style questions.

J Horsey, Music Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Corresponds to the new specification brilliantly. It focuses on key words which will be examined, and relates this terminology directly to the music by showing relevant musical examples.

R Shapey, Music Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A really useful resourcewe are using it as a revision aid for our year 11 students... It is easy to follow and has everything broken down for the students... [Students] can look at the answers when they need to check and non-specialists can help them.

L Creak, HoD & Customer