Quantitative Skills Workbook for GCSE 9-1 AQA Economics

Workbook for Numeracy in Economics

An intelligent and useful resource… to support independent work [and] ensure the increased mathematical skill content has been mastered
D Holland, Head of Economics, Independent Reviewer

Pitched perfectly for GCSE 9–1 Economics: the right level, concepts and contexts to ensure economic numeracy. Comprehensive theory explanations, worked examples and practice questions to use in class or as homework – all in a student-friendly voice.

Supports Self-study!

  1. Easy to understand explanations of key concepts and calculations targeting quantitative skills
  2. Real-world data – from the balance of trade to unemployment rate – applies theory to relevant, realistic situations
  3. Answers and A5 workbook version included

Plenty of Exam Prep

  • Packed with original exam-style questions
  • Plus full quantitative skills test with a variety of question types from multiple choice to data response

What do teachers say about this resource? (7744)

An intelligent and useful resource... Crucially [it] is a resource to support independent work of the GCSE student... The explanations prior to the assessments are well written and straightforward enabling students to self study. Questions are appropriate... I would use this resource as a self study pack. I see it as a useful maths challenge style homework activity... This learning can then be tested with in class activities to ensure the increased mathematical skill content has been mastered... the entire document could easily be issued as a series of homework challenges / as a series competency exercises prior to the course / as revision material for the quantitative elements... A good resource that offers more than mere GCSE quantitative coverage. It is a workbook. A self study guide. A potential source for A level students having difficulty with some quantitative calculations.

D Holland, Head of Economics, Independent Reviewer

A comprehensive examination of the quantitative skills needed for GCSE Economics. It is a useful revision tool that can be used by the individual student as part of his or her revision programme or it can complement the material used by the classroom teacher to support learners when covering quantitative economic problems... encouraged students to see how quantitative economic calculations can be used in the examination... It could be used as a workbook style support to challenge student knowledge and understanding.

D Holland, Head of Economics, Independent Reviewer