Ingredient Cards for AQA GCSE

Develop knowledge, improve cooking skills, arouse curiosity and inspire creativity with these versatile ingredients cards for AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Easy to use, pick-up-and-teach resource for use in practical lessons, as homework or for further reading.

The explications are simple, but with details and curiosities, that can be attractive for students

M Montiel, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Each ingredients card includes:
  • What is it? – an effective ‘overview’ to stimulate the senses!
  • Storage options – enhancing awareness on food preservation and safety!
  • Common cuisines – developing knowledge on origins and culinary traditions of ingredients.
  • Nutritional information – micro- and macronutrient data – advancing students’ analysis, interpretation and critical evaluation skills when selecting ingredients.
  • Health benefits – encouraging students to make healthy food choices.
  • Allergy and health risks – exploring the relationship between diet, nutrition and health.
  • Cooking uses and alternatives – inspiring new ideas when creating and modifying recipes for medical, ethical, moral and religious reasons.

Each group of ingredients also includes a student task sheet, with:

  • Questions and activities – to check knowledge and inspire further research on spec-specific topic areas.
  • Extension tasks – with stimulating experiments, tests and food-industry- related activities to motivate the next generation of food enthusiasts.

Provided as Black and White A4 sheets to photocopy onto card or laminate, plus handy A5 booklet format. Optional PDF &
Word add-on in colour – available at checkout.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7729, 7732, 7735, 7752)

It matches [the specification] perfectly. The explications are simple, but with details and curiosities, that can be attractive for the students. It is [at the right] depth for the target audience and with high quality. The resource explains all about vegetables, being a very complete resource.. very interesting for students.

M Montiel, Teacher & Peer Reviewer