Stretch & Challenge Articles for GCSE AQA Chemistry

Bumper packs of engaging and highly relevant articles to accompany a whole year of the GCSE Chemistry course - 15 articles for Year 1 and 14 articles for Year 2. With follow-up activities for every article and full links to specs, this is a wonderful addition to any scheme of work.

I would use it with my GCSE students and recommend it

B Rae, HoD and Peer Reviewer
  • Fascinating examples of both cutting-edge and historic developments to engage students with Science.
  • Totally flexible – use as a core lesson element, extension activity or a homework.
  • Discussion questions and comprehension questions allow students to consolidate, then take their ideas further.
  • Keyword definitions to consolidate important concepts
  • Indicative content for all activities – great for self-/peer-marking

What do teachers say about this resource? (7710, 7713, 7714)

The ideas were unique...I really liked the questions at the end of each article.

I would use it with my GCSE students and recommend it.

They will solidify the content and hopefully promote a love of Chemistry

It matches [the specification] perfectly.

B Rae, HoD and Peer Reviewer