Of Mice and Men Scheme of Work for KS3

Discover the compelling tale of two unlikely friends with these visual and interactive PowerPoints.

Highly engaging and a lot of fun - I would definitely enjoy doing the activities!

T Gladwin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

22 complete lessons, with accompanying plans and worksheets, guide students through the text while they practice key reading, writing and speaking skills. Everything you need to teach the text from beginning to end!

Skills Covered

Textual analysis: literary devices, characterisation, setting, plot, dialogue, context, embedding quotations and more!

Reading, writing and speaking: improving vocabulary, writing structure and coherence, creative writing, punctuation, grammar and more!

  1. Overview Scheme of Work
    Focused objectives, additional resources and detailed teacher’s notes for each lesson mean you can save on planning and spend time elsewhere.
  2. 22 Lesson Plans
    Clear timings, differentiation and ‘how learning is checked’ information provide structure and ensure all students’ needs are met.
  3. PowerPoints
    Stimulating slides with a personal tone bring the text to life. Varied activities to engage all learners – from 3-minute theatre to creative writing tasks and the Pac-Man grammar game.
  4. Worksheets
    All activities provided in worksheet form – assign activities as homework, group or individual tasks.

The entire resource is provided electronically on a CD-ROM which can be copied directly onto your school network and accessed using a HTML interface. All lesson plans, worksheets and the scheme of work are in PDF format and the interactive PowerPoints are also included, so you can access the resource quickly, anywhere, anytime!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7688)

A really useful resource for students who have read the novel and are preparing to take the AQA English literature exam. There were a lot of activities and lots of exam skills with focus on the AOs. I really liked the key terms activity, with space to place relevant quotes – an excellent revision activity. Also the key extracts with guided questions was a very good activity with links to AOs – great for exam practice... Very useful for revision and looking at the example essays was particularly valuable.

R Smart, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Highly useful for KS3 and for preparing students for KS4. All of the activities appear to be highly engaging and a lot of fun. I would definitely enjoy doing the activities! Also, there is a wide variety of activities, such as role play, creative writing, grammar and peer feedback. The SOW is very thorough and provides plenty of active learning activities. The Powerpoints have excellent starters and plenaries and are carefully scaffolded from one lesson to the next. I think the scaffolding is especially useful for learning because it gives students the opportunity to develop key skills (such as descriptive writing) in more depth.

T Gladwin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Easy to follow for teachers and engaging... I like that there is a series of PowerPoints to go with the lessons as it saves teachers time having to create their own... The resources cover quotation analysis, inference skills and writing, which link to the new GCSEs so this could be used as a Modern Text preparation unit for GCSE.

A Wellard, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

A really decent resource! This resource will help students to be able to write in a number of different ways in preparation for GCSE English Language.

T Hollins, Teacher and Peer Reviewer