Topic Tests for GCSE OCR A Chemistry

Track your students’ progress through the 2016 9-1 OCR A GCSE specifications with these excellent topic-by-topic assessments. Clear progression from short, factual questions to probing ‘explain’ and ‘analyse’ questions lets you pinpoint areas of weakness quickly.

Clear layout and good range of questions and answers from tick boxes to longer response questions

K Greenslade, Head of Biology and Peer Reviewer
  • Build student confidence with extended response and investigation question practice
  • Comprehensive coverage lets you identify gaps in understanding throughout the course
  • User-friendly mark schemes and clear Higher Tier sections make assessment easy
  • Maths skills tested throughout

What do teachers say about this resource? (7686)

The mix of questions in terms of demand was well balanced. There are questions to stretch the more able and at an accessible level for weaker students.

The questions cover all of the maths skills required as part of these units, which are very beneficial for practicing these skills, many students struggle with the maths component so a bank of these questions is essential. The long answer questions would also be very useful for practice.

C Law, HoD and Peer Reviewer