GCSE AQA Topic on a Page

Hand-illustrated A3 poster handouts with more flexibility and more content than ever before.
Designed and written for GCSE AQA, two resources cover the full specification; all optional content is included providing maximum flexibility to suit your teaching.

The Geographical Association Publishers Awards 2018
GCSE AQA Topic on a Page: Living with the Physical Environment and Challenges in the Human Environment have been awarded the Highly Commended ribbon at the 2018 GA Publishers Awards. GA Awards Highly Commended Ribbon

"The ZigZag [Education] topic on a page for GCSE AQA Geography provides an illustrated mind map which summarises the knowledge required for each unit of the specification on an A3 page. There is scope to customise by cutting and sticking the [range of] different case studies onto the mind map. The judges felt that this was a visually engaging, timely resource which would be particularly useful for revision and identifying synoptic links between concepts and topics. Overall, a well-structured resource suitable for GCSE students of all abilities."
– GA Judging Panel, 2018

Physical Geography – 18 A3 pages. 46 different case study cut-outs!
Human Geography – 19 A3 pages. 43 different case study cut-outs!

  • Visually appealing – engage your students with the subject content
  • Every spec point covered – don’t miss a thing!
  • Blank scaffold activity versions provided – for testing and revision

Topic on a Page overview
Multiple case studies within every topic – fully customisable overlays to fit your scheme of work!

UNIT 1: Living with the Physical Environment
Section A: The Challenge of Natural Hazards
All the core spec content plus:
Tohoku Earthquake, Japan, 2011; Nepal Earthquake, 2015; Chile Earthquake, 2010; L'Aquila Earthquake, Italy, 2009; Kashmir Earthquake, 2005; Hurricane Katrina, 2005; Typhoon Haiyan, 2013; Somerset Levels Flooding, 2014; UK Winter Storms, 2013; UK Extreme Cold, 2010; Storm Desmond, 2015; Cumbria Floods, 2009
Section B: The Living World
All the core spec content plus:
Amazon Rainforest, Brazil; Choco Rainforest, Peru; Malaysian Deforestation; Sumatran Deforestation; Sahara Desert, North Africa; Western Desert, USA; Sonoran Desert, USA/Mexico; Thar Desert, Asia; Sakha Republic, Russia; Qatar; Svalbard; Alaska; UK Woodland Ecosystem; UK Pond Ecosystem; UK Hedgerow Ecosystem
Section C: Physical Landscapes of the UK
All the core spec content plus:
Snowdonia; Lake District; Carair Idris, Wales; Isle of Arran, Scotland; River Tees; River Severn; River Clyde; Banbury Flood Management, Oxfordshire; Jubilee River Relief Channel; Boscastle, Cornwall; Holderness Coast; Dorset Coast; Isle of Wight Coastal Management; Medmerry Coastal Realignment

UNIT 2: Challenges in the Human Environment
Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges
All the core spec content plus:
Mumbai, India; Lagos, Nigeria; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Nairobi, Kenya; Birmingham, UK; Bristol, UK; Liverpool, UK; London, UK
Section B: The Changing Economic World
All the core spec content plus:
Brazil; Nigeria; Malaysia; India; Kenya; Hurstpierpoint, Sussex; North Somerset; South Cambridgeshire; Kidlington, Oxfordshire; Filwood Green Business Park, Bristol; Jaguar-Landrover, Wolverhampton; Teeside Steel; Tor Quarry, Somerset; Nissan, Sunderland; Tunisian Tourism; Jamaican Tourism; Tanzanian Tourism; Kenyan Tourism
Section C: The Challenge of Resource Management – Food, Water, Energy
All the core spec content plus:
Micro-Hydro, Afghanistan; Micro-Hydro, Nepal; Micro-Hydro, Peru; Rice Husk Powder, India; Solar Mini-Grid, Tanzania; Athabasca Tar Sands, Canada; Camisea Gas Project, Amazon; Fracking, UK; Natural Gas, Russia, Iran and Qatar; Gannet Oil Field, North Sea; Kinshasa Urban Farms, DRC; Dead Sea Permaculture, Jordan; Rice-Fish Culture, Bangladesh; Makueni, Kenya; Agro-Forestry, Mali; Santa Luzia Farm, Brazil; Greenhouses, Spain; Indus Basin Irrigation System, Pakistan; Kilombero Valley, Tanzania; Thanet Earth, UK; Hitosa, Ethiopia; Kenyan Sand Dams; Wakel River Basin Project, India; Highland Water Project, Lesotho; South to North Water Transfer, China

Also available for Paper 3.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7663)

Fantastic ... It combines so much detail in a format that will not overwhelm students. I like the mix of the visual and summary information ... Makes the information they have to learn look manageable ... It is a low cost option - students can be given a copy and if it gets lost it can be replaced. Students can be given the mind map with the case study info missing , they would need to complete this

H Roberts, Customer (previous edition)

A really excellent way of revising key topics... Particularly liked how much information is fitted onto one diagram - Perfect for revision of key topics

H. Girvan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I particularly like this resource because it accessed all levels in bite size chunks... they could use it in many ways, i.e. cut out, colour in - put in to books at key points... this is an easy cost and effective way to get relevant information across

J. Wilkinson, HoD & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7664)

A great resource. Reassures me of the topics being covered. The [case studies] mix and match ensures almost all examples are covered. I like the differentiated sheets and that high ability can start their own. Definitely worth the money as 1 resource fits all case studies and the templates allow you to build your own or students to build their own.

P. Douglas, HoD & Customer