Topic-Based Grammar and Vocabulary Pack

for AS and A Level French

Suitable for all exam boards!

Designed for AS/A Level French students, each guide uses all 4 skills to revise topic vocabulary and 2016 spec grammar points.

Ideal for use in the run-up to exams!

Bypass the boredom of grammar and vocab revision with original materials and engaging activities!

18 subtopics covered, each with:

⇨ 1 vocab worksheet:

  • a short text or audio – authentic materials reinforce learning
  • 3–4 vocab and comprehension tasks – filling in the gaps, finding cognates, noughts and crosses, & more
  • a mind map activity for students to consolidate subtopic vocab
  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing covered
  • Original recordings and texts
  • Top tips for vocabulary and grammar revision

    … perfect for exam prep!

⇨ 1 grammar worksheet:

  • 1–2 easy-to-follow grammar recaps
  • a short text or audio with examples of grammar points
  • 2–3 grammar-based activities – conjugating verbs, correcting mistakes, writing sentences, & more

Can be used in class, as homework or as exam revision

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What do teachers say about this resource? (9630)

Loved this! Would buy this in a heartbeat! Another wonderful resource with all the things HAP GCSE and A Level students will need in order to be successful. This pack of activities for vocabulary and grammar revision for A Level Year 2 French helps students consolidate their knowledge of various key topics that are common to all the exam boards (including AQA, Edexcel...). Loved that the main focus is on A Level grammar points and covers all points from the 2016 specifications for all boards, including receptive grammar.

R Henry-Grant, MFL Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The resource uses a variety of activities which would appeal to students, facilitating vocabulary building beyond the textbook to improve outcomes in listening and reading exercises. The topics relating to immigration and a diverse society, politics and demonstrations/strikes correspond directly to the topics in the listening and reading and translation aspects of the specification. Some of the topics also relate to several of the literary texts and films. Those relating to WW2 are relevant as background knowledge if a text or film from this setting is chosen.

K Turney, ex HoD and Peer Reviewer

It is a serious and well-thought-out resource which gives the learner the opportunity to develop their skills in a clear way. I particularly like the structure of the sections, which are neither too long nor simplistic. The texts and exercises can be quite challenging. I find it very useful that there are starter individual vocab sheets for each section which the student can add to as he or she progresses through each unit, taking responsibility for their own vocab building.

A Betts, Former HoD and Peer Reviewer

The resource is well made with interesting and appropriate (to age and level) texts and audio. I like the way grammar worksheets are built: starting with a text to read then questions to answer to finish with the grammar lesson. I think the deductive approach is very efficient in grammar. I also like that the resource cover all vocabulary topics and grammar for all boards.

P Grazian, French Teacher and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7656)

Matches perfectly with the specification. All areas of themes are covered as well as all main grammatical points. The articles and vocabulary are highly appropriate and I feel this will enhance language and enable students to near A Level standard in these AS topics.

N Lonsdale, HoD and Peer Reviewer

The resource offers a wealth of material to teachers familiarising themselves with a new syllabus and enhances learning in many ways. It seeks to develop study skills/vocabulary building and foster independent learning. The wide variety of exercises allows for flexibility and covers a range of skills. Throughout students are given tips to help with the examination.

J Ireland, Retired Lecturer and Peer Reviewer