Cultural and Topical Articles

for AS / A Level Year 1 Spanish (with English Translations)

2016 Specifications:
Suitable for all boards

A series of articles to appeal to all students! Topics range from health and gastronomy to feminism, sports and communication technology.

Spanish texts with side-by-side English translations engage readers with contemporary and historical Spain and Latin America.

  • Texts based on 2016 spec themes
  • Ideal for topic-based reading
AS Co-teachable! Interesting AS Level / A Level (year 1) articles at your fingertips.

A tailored approach:

  • Handpick sentences for translation (both ways)
  • Spark topical debates
  • Set reading or translation tasks in class or as homework
  • Flexible level of support – students read Spanish only or both languages

What do teachers say about this resource? (7560)

I would definitely love to use this resource in both, GCSE and A Level. I find it crucial for Spanish learners to keep up to date with a general knowledge about Spain and Latin America. [...] The sections are not too long, the information is straightforward and it’s clear to students, making it an ideal resource for them to use independently.

A Jimenez, Spanish Teacher and Peer Reviewer