Topic Reviews for International GCSE (3rd Edition)

New 9–1 specification; first exams 2018

It takes each topic & splits it into manageable chunks... I like the way each learning objective began with ‘I can...’ – it sets up the task to be completed in a positive way & encourages learner engagement... A lovely resource.M Barker, IGCSE Maths Teacher & Ind. Reviewer

Superb set of topic review questions to cover the whole of Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics A Higher Tier. Questions are divided up on each sheet under positive statements (e.g. I can find the circumference of a circle) to reinforce achievement.

  • Helps develop all skills required for an A* grade
  • Answers provided
  • Single sheet per topic for easy photocopying

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Review quotes from previous editions:

1st Edition

"Excellent resource. The students find it really useful... these resources are superb... I honestly cannot think of any way you could improve them." — C Peacock, Maths Teacher and Customer Reviewer

"Excellent... covers the entire syllabus methodically... just what I'd been looking for for yr. 11" — M Sanderson, Maths Teacher and Independent Reviewer

"Excellent... very comprehensive for the target group."" — E Adebisi, Maths Teacher and Independent Reviewer

"A very good bank of additional questions for GCSE... I would definitely order this." — J Wilson, Maths Teacher and Independent Reviewer

2nd Edition

"An excellent resource with lots of questions." — S Davies, Maths Teacher and Customer Reviewer

"It explains clearly what the question is about so that pupils know they do/don't know."
Jane Appleton, Head of Maths Box Hill School, Customer

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