IG Complete Teaching Programme (Higher Tier): The Full Set (Edexcel A) 2nd Edition

New 9–1 International GCSE specification; first exams 2018

One of the best resources that I have seen for a long time... It enables teachers to focus more on the understanding... [and] spend more time with students interacting and also helping students with problems. C Morris, Head of Maths, Principal Examiner & Independent Reviewer

Complete programme for your classroom delivery

  • Full coverage of the new A specification
  • Tried, tested and refined over years of teaching in an independent school
  • Excellent examples
  • Varied questions
  • Clear diagrams
  • Differentiation – vary teacher input to match the group’s needs
  • Flexibility – use as a complete teaching programme, or as a massive bank of topic resources
  • Over 1000 pages of tasks!

Hand out the write-on booklets to students, and keep hold of the filled-in ‘crib sheet’. The teacher leads the discussion with the crib for reference, helping students complete their theory notes and work through interesting tasks successfully.

Students benefit from the tasks which illuminate the theory, leading to better understanding. They then complete other engaging tasks and questions on their own. Because they are actively contributing to their notes, students engage with the material, leading to enhanced learning.

The pupils spend more time thinking and doing; the teacher more time introducing topics and helping students which together leads to better exam performance.