Anthology Activity Packs for GCSE Edexcel

Explore your chosen collection of poems with these student-friendly packs. Structured pre-, post- and during-reading activities for each poem cover everything you need to tackle the collection in class, for homework or as revision.

Engaging, thought-provoking and highly relevant to the exam spec. I love it!

H McCombie, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Activities include...
  • Close reading
  • Compare
  • Creative writing
  • Debate
  • Essay practice
  • Research
  • Plus! Further discussion activities challenge more able pupils.
  1. Introduce the collection
    • Key collection concepts build a thorough grounding of themes, poets, literary movements and more.
    • Comprehensive notes on the exam structure and assessment objectives instil confidence ahead of study.
    • Plus! Key term glossary equips students with essential poetry terminology for in-depth and focused analysis.

  2. Structured poem-by-poem activities
    • Stimulating, creative activities explore and deepen understanding of context, language, structure and form for effective AO support.
    • Visual support sheets simplify tricky areas of analysis from sonnets to free verse – perfect for revision or displaying around the classroom.

    An excellent resource... works well as a teaching guide, but can also be transformed into a student workbook

    L Churchill, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  3. Excellent exam prep!
    • Helpful essay-writing tips and guidance so students can develop and refine exam technique.
    • Original exam-style essay questions – great practice for the real thing!

Suggested answers for all activities – makes peer- or self-marking simple.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9437)

This is a long-awaited and much needed resource for teachers of the new 9–1 specification, where many of us are teaching some of these poems for the first time... The range of activities is excellent, and [they] aren’t focused around simply answering questions. It encourages students to respond creatively to the poems... I love the depth of contextual information – particularly with poets and historical periods that are difficult to research for students (e.g. Jane Weir, the Destruction of Sennacherib)...The quantity of different activities for each poem is exceptional. I could imagine dividing these into class time, homework and revision tasks... The post-reading activities with statements to discuss are hugely valuable as a tool for engagement... The relevant connections to things like the #metoo movement enable students to see the poems in a way that means something to their lives... The wealth of activities and help with comparing groups of poems is perhaps the most useful part of this whole resource... This is engaging, thought-provoking and highly relevant to the exam spec. I love it!

H McCombie, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked the way each poem was covered in the same systematic way: starting with before reading activities; during reading and then after reading – all split down into AOs... The web links were very useful and all quite different... the context information invaluable.

R White, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I really like the resource... Lots of interesting teaching ideas and help for teachers who are not yet familiar with the cluster... The exemplars are useful... I like the sample question bank and I particularly like all the links to online clips... I think it has the potential to help the students engage with these poems. Poetry seems to be becoming more and more of a challenge for our young people and the use of clips, etc. will hopefully help them drop their shutters...

C Harvey, KS4 Coordinator & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7531)

An excellent resource... works well as a teaching guide, but can also be transformed into a student workbook. It is quite thorough and varied, which ensures that exploring the anthology does not become a repetitive and monotonous task... The 'During reading' sections are very good at enabling students to work through a poem independently and then feed back to add detail. I like the way it gradually introduces more detail and more independence in analysing poems. The grids to break down analysis and analyse ideas / quotes / language features are excellent. I especially like the inclusion of a comparison grid at the back.

L Churchill, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9876)

The resource is very comprehensive and would certainly ensure pupils knew the poems well.

Any teacher would find this a most helpful resource.

It offer variety and encourages pupils to think for themselves as well as including some really solid teaching of, for example, poetic terms. It is an excellent pack for the first go through the poems.

The presentation and layout are very clear and helpful. It would make it very easy for a teacher to use with a class.

S Griffin, Writer for Zig Zag and retired teacher of English. Private tutor & Peer Reviewer