WJEC GCSE Computer Science (2017) - Programming with Python

Python Programming develops the core programming skills that students need – in particular, for completing their controlled assessment.

  • 15 chapters covering all programming elements of the specification – clear explanations and packed with example code and programming exercises!
  • 24 varied starters facilitate use in lessons, by recapping previous learning and providing a quick warm up for the lesson ahead
  • Practice assignment with model solution – featuring an original scenario in exam-board style – ideal for preparing students for the real assignment!
  • Developed using Python v3.4.3
  • Cross-referenced to the 2017 WJEC GCSE Computer Science specification
  • Paper and digital solutions for every task
A really useful resource which will help both teachers and students prepare for the non-exam assessment. I particularly like the icons indicating examples of good practice. A Hadwen-Bennett, HoD & Expert Reviewer