Power and Conflict: Poetry Anthology Activity Pack for GCSE AQA

for GCSE English Literature

Conquer the challenge poetry presents and enthuse your class with creative ideas. Give your students a head start on the exam with a structure which focuses on comparison – and cross-references all activities to the AOs.

A really fantastic resource that would be a valuable addition to any teacher or department

L Deighton, HoD & Peer Reviewer
Thematic areas:
  1. suffering
  2. direct conflict
  3. conflict with nature
  4. war and memory
  5. identity
  6. power and control
  7. fragility
  1. Getting into the Poems

    Students make links between poems, learning to see through the lens of technique, theme, tone, setting and character.

    A practical solution to comparing poetry which is on the surface starkly different, and an invaluable analysis skill for Sections B and C!

  2. The Poems
    • Structured to spur comparison, the poems are grouped into seven thematic areas
    • Focused on key concepts such as symbolism, setting and context
    • Suitable for all skill levels – differentiated poem-by-poem questions and extension activities stretch and support the entire class

      Provides everything... No teacher would require any other assistance in teaching these poems

      J Clarke, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer
      • Collapsed texts deconstruct poems for easier analysis
      • The basics summarise essential content
      • Recon offers a fly-over analysis
      • Poem-by-poem questions consolidate learning
      • Get creative! Explores POV, flashbacks, metaphor, and more
      • Technique focus models complex topics with linked tasks
      • Exam tips explain essay essentials

  3. After Studying the Poems

    Practise and put everything into perspective with exemplar questions, a question generator, and example essay with examiner’s comments and AO annotations.

Plus! Full indicative content and exam information provided.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7520)

I think this is an excellent resource – it is truly an exceptional resource which is useful for teachers AND students. I think this may also help NQTs and teachers who are teaching outside of specialism to help them to teach the poetry. It is comprehensive in every sense of the word.

I really love the range of activities on offer in this resource – these activities are the right mix of providing students with information, teacher-led analysis and active-learning tasks.
In addition, I really like the addition of the example essay – this is useful to demonstrate to students.
The exam tips are useful to help students to think about the ‘big picture’ of their studies and helps to build writing skills.

This resource allows teachers to pick up the pack and start teaching, knowing the content the students are working on is relevant. This allows students to gain independence and take responsibility of their own learning. All activities are closely linked to assessment objectives, which is also helpful.

This matches the specification perfectly. There is constant focus on the exam and assessment objectives. It is truly focused and helpful on building preparation for the exams.

[Would you purchase this resource for your teaching?]
Without a shadow of a doubt!

One of the best resources I’ve read in a while!

T Hollins, Training Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Wow! I was absolutely blown away by the level of detail in this resource. The variety of tasks provided is immense and it really is a very comprehensive activity pack that will provide value for money. It clearly focuses on the specification and provides high-level analysis of all the poems... If students completed all of the tasks, they would have an excellent understanding of all the poems. It is a resource that will allow teachers to select the bits that will work best with their own students and has enough options so teaching this element could never become dull or boring! A really fantastic resource that would be a valuable addition to any teacher or department.

L Deighton, HoD & Peer Reviewer

This is the most amazingly comprehensive resource I have ever seen! It provides everything. There is both information and analysis in a variety of formats, many tasks for each individual poem, many thematic links between poems and to the historical context; it is bursting with material. The sheer variety of activities is gobsmacking, and a lot of the participatory ones are almost like games. Pupils will love them! The clustering of the poems by theme as the resource’s major organizational mode is extremely helpful. Clearly link[s] the resource with the sections of the exam. Admirably suited to the age group. No teacher would require any other assistance in teaching these poems.

J Clarke, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource, very thorough, closely linked to the exam, an excellent range of tasks covering a wide variety of learning styles/preferences. Individual tasks on each of the poems build up learners' understanding of the poems both individually and also as groups very well. They also help pupils to learn about how to approach a poem and what to explore and therefore will work well with preparing them for the unseen poetry too. Well tailored to the exam... AOs stated at the start, so it is focused right from the start.

H Down, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This resource is excellent. At a time when teachers are under ever-increasing pressures with new grading systems and changes in specifications, this resource offers teachers a comprehensive activity pack that is student-friendly and differentiated and has clear links to assessment objectives throughout.

J Sharrock, Teacher & Peer Reviewer