Aspects of Comedy: Literary Genre Companions for AS/A Level AQA B

Complement your set-text teaching for Papers 1 and 2 with these innovative genre-based resources. Notes, quotes and activities help students situate their studied text within the genre of comedy.

An excellent resource... Would be perfect for students who were struggling with Shakespeare

J Sallabank, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  1. Set the scene with introductory notes for both genre and text
  2. Concentrate attention on relevant features with focused, student-friendly analysis of comedic aspects in the text
    • Explore characters, language, structure, form, setting, critical reception and themes
    • Quotation analysis pinpoints key ideas
    • Literary and dramatic terms defined in context and in a comprehensive glossary
  3. Build analytical skills and consolidate genre-based comedy knowledge with varied, creative activities – suggested answers included!
  4. Practise close reading for Section A with important annotated extracts and accompanying activities

Presented as an A5 booklet for easy use – a perfect companion to ZigZag Education’s Comprehensive Guides.

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An excellent resource... Of all the resources that I have looked at, this would be perfect for students who were struggling with Shakespeare. It's really easy to follow... The focus on genre is excellent and really helps contextualise the play. The activities are well considered and pertinent. I really liked the easy-to-understand explanation of scansion and iambic pentameter. This is something that other resources seem to either lack or go into too much confusing detail over. Super!

J Sallabank, Teacher & Peer Reviewer