Topic Tests for AQA AS and A Level PE

It provides an end-of-topic test without using past examination questions. A well-structured comprehensive resource which could serve as a revision tool for students. K Wheeler, PE Teacher and Independent Reviewer.

Reveal your students’ strengths and weaknesses and track their progress. Topic-by-topic question banks written for every topic of the 2016 AQA A level specifications. Great for summative assessments; in-class, for revision or as homeworks!

Straightforward structure with clear and focused questions…

  • Multiple-choice, Short-answer and Extended-answer questions – perfect preparation for each exam
  • Authentic scenarios and images present students with real-life sporting applications
  • Opportunities to interpret and analyse data to test new quantitative skills element
  • Specification cross-reference table – to support co-teaching!
  • Tests carefully designed to last for 45 mins to 1 hour each!
  • Detailed answers and mark allocations – great for peer- and self-assessment!
  • Comes in non-write-on – ideal for reuse

What do teachers say about this resource? (7479)

'It links in well with other ZigZag A-Level resource, such as ‘Topics on a Page’ and ‘Learning Grids’.' - T Collier, Head of PE & Customer

'Very useful for end of unit topic tests – good way to review areas. I would recommend as very useful revision and teaching tool.' - A Frizoni, Director of Sport & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7995)

'Good way to monitor pupils’ learning of each section. I would recommend as useful tool for assessment.' - A Frizoni, Subject Leader & Customer

'Very useful for practice questions of key topics of course.' - A Prizoni, Subject Leader & Customer