Revision Activities (Reading & Writing)

for AS / A Level Year 1 and 2 AQA French

Designed to prepare for Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Writing

2016 Specficiation
All AS or A Level AQA grammar points covered!

This comprehensive guide provides helpful grammar recaps, revision tips skill-based exercises and exam-style questions to help students revise for the reading and writing exam sections.

Skill-specific worksheets for the six AQA AS / A Level Year 1 or A Level Year 2 topics on:

  • Vocabulary: topic-based exercises enable students to enhance their lexical skills
  • Activities include:
    • Recognising cognates
    • Filling in blanks
    • Matching words to definitions
    • Writing sentences
    • Choosing the correct option
    • Conjugating verbs
    • & more!
  • Grammar: easy-to-understand recaps strengthen knowledge of grammar – with worked examples and practice exercises
  • Reading: level-appropriate texts and exam-style questions give students targeted exam practice
    • Text lengths match AQA sample assessment materials
  • Translation: revision from and into the target language with vocabulary and grammar structures found in the exam
  • Plus, collaborative and engaging group activities for students to revise together, such as board games and story writing

Use as exam revision, in class or as homework!

What do teachers say about this resource? (9531)

I was very impressed with the resource on the whole. There are a number of nice tasks to complete for example the literature extract from Suite Française. Any extract of a novel is usually perceived as being difficult, however this piece was interesting with some nice comprehension questions to accompany it that when completed would enable the student to have a good understanding of what they had just read. The resource is perfect for those lessons in the lead up to mocks and the final exam, where you just need students to keep their heads down and drill exemplar exam questions.

The resource is very clear and well thought through on the whole. The chapter themes reflect the exam specification and the work is nicely scaffolded; starting with vocabulary, developing a grammar point or two before moving on to development of exam technique through reading tasks and translation tasks similar to those found in the final A2 exam. I particularly enjoyed looking through the team activities at the end of each chapter. Teaching smaller groups of around 6-7 students, it can be difficult at times to step back and let students take ownership of their own learning. These collaborative team tasks are an ideal way to watch how your students interact with each other. Differentiated tasks mean that all members of the group can be expected to make progress and feel secure in their learning.

I think the learning journey offered by this resource is excellent. The work is presented in a way that helps students to gradually build their skills and prepare them for their exams. Completion of each sub-section ie vocabulary, grammar, reading, translation and team activity encourages them to go out of their comfort zone, as they learn to manipulate the language in different ways and incorporate new grammatical structures. I like the team revision games at the end of each section as a way of informally checking students’ progress and understanding. The controlled writing that encourages them to use structures and vocabulary from a list whilst limiting the word count will benefit many students, helping them to write with purpose and in a concise manner. Team activities encourage collaborative learning and peer assessment as students share good practice with each other.

I would certainly consider purchasing this resource for my department. Exam technique is such an important part of the A2 course and getting students to practise and hone their skills in summarising, finding synonyms and translating into the target using vocabulary and grammatical structures from authentic texts is essential. This resource is versatile in that you could work through the tasks in class, but also use it as an independent study pack to help students access extra content whilst refining their exam technique. ... ...

J Hulland, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

I thought that it was a well planned resource for the classroom teacher to use with his/her students in order to practice for the examination. I like the way this resource is set out. The grammar points introduced are some that students find really challenging. As practice makes perfect, and classroom teachers are always hunting for more exercises and translations, I am sure this will enhance the knowledge the students have to date of the different topics .

C Hicks, Retired Head of French/Examiner & Peer Reviewer

Very comprehensive resource, with varied activities and exercises, which are the type of exercises that appear in exam papers. Very good for key vocabulary building or revision. Students can then practise this vocabulary by completing a series of exercises, in order to use this vocab in context. Grammatical points selected are the ones that students often find difficult, especially when it comes to irregular verbs. This resource even includes a few speaking activities, in the form of games, which is always motivating. The author has thought about the cultural input, when writing the reading texts (figures are included as well as what happens in French-speaking countries other than France) to equip students further with thematic knowledge.

C Shepherd, Teacher and Peer Reviewer