GCSE Edexcel B Short Course Companion

Engage your class with religious studies and stay focused on exam requirements. Covers all spec points and their significance from divergent perspectives.

Covers the specification in detail and would be suitable for use in the classroom and for independent learning for pupils

J Hopwood, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Detailed, accessible notes for every part of the spec
    • Manageable sections and varied formats keep students engaged
  • Trains students in exam skills with original Edexcel-style questions for each subtopic
    • From short-answer ‘Quick Questions’ to extended ‘Now Try This’ tasks
    • PLUS mark schemes make grading simple!
  • Need-to-know key terms concisely defined
  • Concise, bullet-point topic summaries – great for revision

Matches the spec order exactly, so it’s easy to integrate into your lessons. The perfect complement to your scheme of work!


I feel confident that it covers everything needed for pupils to succeed

J Hopwood, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • ‘Did You Know?’... Supplement learning with bite-sized facts
  • ‘Pause for Thought’ ... Encourage students to reflect on the issues
  • Key Quotations ... Focus on scripture and sacred texts
  • Activities and ‘Taking it Further’... Get students involved with active learning

What do teachers say about this resource? (7464, 7465)

Having [sources of wisdom and authority] clearly highlighted and appropriately linked is the winning 'sell' for me… I love the sidebars... highlights on theologians and philosophers, diagrams, pause for thought, and the 'taking it further' are very well chosen in each element... My favourite pages are 33 and 34 - the table of Pros and Cons for the solutions to the problem of evil - I haven't seen anything like these before and so I think this is a useful addition to the topic… To see the 'Answers' to the questions posed is a happy surprise… Being so thorough I see this as an option [to] replace other text books that are currently available… Adds value for the pupils… Provides all that is needed and poses options for further thinking - a great plus. That it provides plausible exam practice questions and gives a mark scheme is a huge selling point for teachers. I think this is a resource I would definitely ask my Head of Department to buy for each RS teacher… Ticks all the boxes and provides a perfect foundation for the pupils sitting this paper… I like this - it flows and is partitioned nicely by the bold headings… Matches the spec well… This would certainly be an asset to teachers… Very pleased with the quality and content of it!

R Stoba, Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer