Multiple Choice Questions for AS / A Level Year 1 and A Level Year 2 OCR A Chemistry

Modules 1–4 and Modules 5–6

A superb revision tool and exam technique builder for this challenging question type, new to A Level Chemistry!

  • Each pack contains two sets of over 100 original questions with answers, testing every topic in the new specification for practice of all skills and question types.
  • Covers applied knowledge, facts and calculations – just like the real exams.
  • But it gets better!

    • Answers for the first set of 100+ questions have fully worked solutions and step-by-step explanations of incorrect answers. Students self-mark, learn how they went wrong and develop effective strategies.
    • Students then apply these new skills to a second set of 100+ questions to reinforce learning – a fantastic boost to exam preparation!

    After using this resource [my students] have improved their score from 20% to 74%-90%...

    ...I'm so happy!

    A Ahmed, Private Tutor & Peer Reviewer

    Perfect for revision, cover lessons or independent study, with no teacher preparation required.

What do teachers say about this resource? (7595)

An excellent revision aid and exam technique builder for the challenging multiple choice question part of the A level Chemistry (OCR A exam board). I find this resource extremely useful for my tutoring work for A-Level Chemistry. After using this resource they have improved their score from 20% to 74%-90%. I am so happy. Absolutely brilliant. This resource is an absolute essential resource for students studying A-Level Chemistry. Solving these multiple choice questions has been a great help to my students to help boost their A-Level Chemistry grade.

A Ahmed, Private Tutor & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7441)

As a teacher I would feel confident in using them to test widely across the specification... Invaluable as a revision/self-directed learning resource for students.

K Barakzai, teacher & Peer Reviewer

I think this is a really good resource that helps students become far more familiar with the multiple choice element of the OCR exams. The demand of the questions mirror the demand that can be found within the actual examinations so pupils will be getting a true experience when answering the questions.

K Fleming, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It will save teachers a lot of time. Overall this is a well written resource which will be useful to any A level teacher.

A.Wilkinson, HoD & Peer Reviewer