Structured Speaking Support for AS and A Level AQA French

Masterclass worksheets take students through essential techniques to increase their grade in the AS or A Level AQA Speaking exam. Practical exercises and relevant examples using exam-style questions throughout – improving final exam performance!

AS (A Level Year 1) resource worksheets cover:
  1. Preparation time and how to plan your answer
  2. Conversation fillers
  3. How to deal with the first summarising question
  4. How to give your personal opinion
  5. Opening the question to a broader debate
  6. How to formulate a relevant question
  7. Uses tenses correctly
  1. Show off your grammar
  2. Manipulating language
  3. Using synonyms and antonyms
  4. Common errors (Anglicisms, False friends, Grammar)
  5. The subjunctive in speaking
  6. Model performances in the speaking exam
  7. Pronunciation
A Level (Year 2) resource worksheets cover:
  1. Preparation, planning and summarising the card
  2. Expressing personal opinions and opening
    the question to a broader debate
  3. How to construct relevant questions
  4. Comparing performances for the stimulus card
  5. Preparing for the individual research project
  6. The delivery and optimisation of the discussion
  1. Language fluency
  2. Using tenses correctly
  3. Tricky grammar
  4. Using synonyms and antonyms
  5. The subjunctive in speaking
  • Student-friendly, step-by-step approach – breaks the intimidating oral exam into manageable strategies
  • Example answers recorded by native speakers
  • All worksheets focus on areas directly relevant to the exam

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8389)
'Its logical progression through the different stages of the oral will give pupils / teachers a feeling of being in control, knowing that they understand what will happen in the exam and what they have to do to get a good grade. It therefore inspires confidence.' J Briden, Head of French and Ind. Reviewer
‘This resource effectively presents the requirements of the AQA A level oral examination, providing excellent examples of how to respond to the card through vocabulary and grammar exercises. It will also greatly assist the students in researching and presenting their IRP.’ S Fleet, French Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7397)
"This resource gives students the tools to feel confident about approaching the speaking examination, giving them the language they need and lots of practice talking about the sub-topics. The translation exercises, which always use vocabulary from the sub-topics, also give them more practice in translation and in writing accurately for the other papers, so there is an educational value beyond the single skill of speaking." -- P Edge, Teacher and Examiner