Topic on a Page for OCR GCSE PE

10-12 visual and engaging A3 photocopiable revision posters covering all of the key theory content for Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the OCR GCSE (9-1) PE Specification.

The resource provides a very visual and informative experience for students

A Moss, PE Teacher & Customer
  • Concise notes covering key vocabulary and knowledge students need for the exam
  • Carefully designed to show clear links between key topics
  • Countless sporting examples to encourage effective application to sport performance and participation
  • Revision Success tip boxes – support exam preparation
  • Diagrams, graphs and images to illuminate key concepts – valuable for visual learners and EAL students
Each summary is provided as:
  1. A complete revision poster
  2. A partially complete poster with exercises for active revision
Both in A3 and A4 format

Diagrams are clear and the resource is at the right level for most of my students

S Higgins, HoD & Customer
Versatile resource:
  • Hand out at the end of the course or at the end of a topic for revision recap
  • Hand out partially completed worksheets for in-class activities
  • Display on classroom walls as visual cues

What do teachers say about this resource? (7395)

My students used this sheet for the components of fitness ahead of an exam and all gave positive feedback about how it supported them and prepared them ahead of this. I think this is an excellent resource, there is not anything I would change, as it is a proven success with my students. A very good revision tool for the end of each topic and end of year assessment.

T Cross, Head of PE & Peer Reviewer.

Very happy with it. I had used ZigZag at my previous school, so I knew that it would be a quality product. I like the fact it can be used digitally [Word & Pdf versions] and as a paper resource - I can adapt the pages to use on an Interactive whiteboard. No ongoing costs or site licenses required. Easy to make digital copies for easy sharing. Students find them very valuable.

S Higgins, Head of Academic PE & Customer

The resource provides a very visual and informative experience for students. Not only are they good for theory lessons, but also as practical lesson resources. It’s logical... separated into sections and in a given order [and] accessible [with] an excellent layout for each sheet. If anyone needs comforting when transferring to the new spec, then this resource is really helpful as it gives confidence in what to teach specifically

A Moss, PE Teacher & Customer

A great resource. I particularly like that every topic is condensed to one side... This allows the pupils to work from one resource rather than having to flick through work. It is also great for the lower ability pupils whose books are messy or have lost work or indeed only need to focus on the basics. The pages are very well presented and show an order and structure to each topic. I will definitely be using this resource and overall thought the material was well written.

R Pearce, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer.

The one sheet to an area layout is effective and keys all the key points together. It matches the new theme and thought process behind the new specifications. It could easily be used as a revision resource or a starter or plenary activity.

A Poland, HOD PE & Peer Reviewer.

A useful resource. Good concise information on all topics. Helps recap and research knowledge required for specification.

K Smith, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7480)

The quality is excellent. Diagrams are clear and the resource is at the right level for most of my students.It gives students confidence that they are focusing on the right course contents.

[It is better than some other resources because...] Lack of ongoing costs, no extras for additional licenses, free product updates.

S Higgins, HoD & Customer

It offers resources that can be used in the classroom and also for home revision. Also it’s logical, separated into sections and in a given order.

A Moss, PE Teacher & Customer

Concise information on all topics...good layout.

K Smith, Pe Teacher & Peer Reviewer