SOS Writing Cards for GCSE English Language

Develop Students’ Skills, Craft and Independent Learning

Genius. Great for guiding pupils' thinking, so that they are ready in the high-pressure circumstance of an exam. Thanks for the clarity, the flexibility and the usefulness! S Owen, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
Creative Writing Cards cover:
  • Idea generation techniques
  • Character creation methods
  • Foreshadowing
  • Character motivations
  • Pacing
  • ... And much more!
Non-Fiction Writing Cards cover:
  • Speeches
  • Travel Writing
  • Diaries
  • Blogs
  • Reports
  • ... And much more!

Clear and Versatile Teaching Aids!

Three sets of double-sided prompt cards focus on the components of narrative and non-fiction writing. The front of each card explains a concept, while the reverse offers a fully contained activity.
  • Adaptable – easy to use in series or as stand-alone cards
  • Flexible – great for independent work, creative writing groups, homework, or as class activities

Great Preparation for GCSE Exams!

❶  Inspirations cards provide idea generation techniques. ❷  Makeover cards explain the editing process – the ideal remedy for when a student cries ‘I’m finished!’ ❸ The Extra Mile cards stretch students to be convincing, effective and clear. Everything your student needs for AO5!