Rossetti's Selected Poems: Comprehensive Guide for AS/A Level OCR

Memory, the supernatural, religion, love, desire and death are all addressed in this eclectic collection of Christina Rossetti’s poetry.

Excellent resource... Will enable teachers to teach with a more informed background, resulting in stimulating lessons!

S Fallon, Retired Teacher & Peer Reviewer (earlier edition)

Ready-to-use, detailed study notes guide your students through the challenges of teasing meaning from poetic language and structure with fantastically clear and comprehensive analysis. Active learning tasks, extended essay questions or debate prompts finish each section, to deepen your students’ understanding of the poetry and prompt them to apply what they have learnt.

Engage your students!


  • debate prompts
  • active learning tasks
  • further reading suggestions
  • key literary and linguistic terms
  • practice essay questions

The pack tackles the key stages of text analysis:

  1. Walk-through
    Thorough section-by-section commentary walks students through each poem
  2. Drawing it all together
    In-depth discussion of whole text focuses on: characterisation, gender and relationships, drama and conflict, genre, themes, attitudes and values, language, form, structure, context, literary approaches
  3. Indicative content
    Supports teaching by ensuring all key areas are covered

Plus! Glossary of key terms ensures full understanding
Also available with full recordings of the poems!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7386)

On the whole, I thought that this was an excellent resource and I will certainly find it invaluable when teaching. I loved the structure of the resource; the commentaries followed by the reflections and the talking points. Not only will this help inform my planning but it has given me a greater confidence in cross-referencing the poems from an earlier stage in the course... I particularly like how the resource defines, explains, explores and then gives concrete examples all the way through... The talking points are brilliant for encouraging the students to really think about the narratives used and how the speaker can be interpreted through both narrative and context... The final overview is an excellent summary for both teacher and student... Why didn't I discover this website earlier?!!!!

S Lewis, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (earlier edition)

Excellent resource... I liked the detailed analysis of the poetry and background links to Rossetti...
It improves understanding of the poems and the Victorian era generally. This is important as the poems are contextualised and students would be interested in the links... The artistic references are beautiful and aid learning of the poems too... Many teachers are unclear about the Rossetti poetry... This will help enormously! The resource will enable teachers to teach with a more informed background, resulting in stimulating lessons!

S Fallon, Retired Teacher & Peer Reviewer (earlier edition)

Excellent – detailed notes on many poems – useful biography – helpful critical comments. Best of all – fantastically useful links between poems... It’s helped me to teach both specific poems, and in a more thematic way as well! It’s an excellent resource, particularly if you’ve never taught Rossetti before.

S Owen, HoD & Customer (earlier edition)

Exceptionally detailed and well organised. I liked the way there was an introduction and then highly detailed notes on each part of the poem. It was easy to read yet provided key information. The guide enabled me to get up to speed very quickly and pass on key points to pupils.

J Shilling, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I think the resource is very valuable... I like the way it systematically covers each poem, addressing all aspects of AO2 (analysis of language, form and structure) and the way context (AO4) is integrated throughout the notes. It provides overview and detailed analysis of each poem.

E Hewitt, HoD & Peer Reviewer (earlier edition)

All resources are very useful... They help staff to deliver a text effectively, thereby helping students to make progress... Easy-to-use, quick-access resources as packs are effectively structured/ordered... Our spec is OCR and these resources are a perfect match.

D Lucas, Teacher & Customer

I liked the fact that the analysis of the poems was very detailed, providing a teacher with all the information for teaching these poems. I thought the talking points were well thought out and would really motivate students... The references to structure and form were very helpful as they are the aspects with which students struggle.

V Kennedy, HoD & Peer Reviewer (earlier edition)

A very comprehensive pack of teaching material which analyses Rossetti's poetry in detail. I particularly like the level of detail examining Rossetti's use of rhythm and rhyme... [The resource enhances learning] by using such critical material and terminology, the students will meet specific criteria in the AOs. It matches the new AQA B Literature specification very well and was certainly written with it in mind.

R Boardman, English Examiner, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (earlier edition)

The resource is clear and can easily be used. The links between other poems by Rossetti and other poets are detailed and very accessible to students who are using this resource for self-supported study. Teachers will also find them easy to use. There is a set structure for exploring each poem which will help students develop routines to explore poems and develop their responses logically. This resource is very supportive, and all terms are explained to students in the glossary. There are also complete copies of all poems referenced within this review... This resource matches the AOs very well and covers the required content in depth. There is information on context, structure and form, language and links to other poems which is required to gain the higher grades. The AOs are also referred to in the resource and put across in a clear manner so students can fully understand them.

K Greaves, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (earlier edition)