The Great Gatsby: 'Writing About Society' Guide for AS/A Level AQA

A Level Paper 2: Exploring Conflict, Section A

Prepare your class for the challenging re-creative writing exam with these targeted guides. Each covers a whole set text in depth, analysing literary and linguistic techniques and exploring the text from new angles – with re-creative writing advice and practice throughout.

An extremely detailed and well-structured guide that will be of tremendous benefit to teachers and students alike

M Lloyd, Teacher & Expert Reviewer
  • Preparatory material introduces the context and plot of the text for essential background
  • Introduction to re-creative writing with top tips, practice exercises and sample answers with commentary
  • Progressive chapter-by-chapter study:
    • Detailed and accessible analysis of key features of the chapter
    • Varied activities, including consolidation questions, discussion questions and active learning tasks, to strengthen knowledge of the base text – answers included
    • Exploration of underplayed perspectives to provide potential re-casting opportunities
    • Practice re-creative writing tasks for perfect exam preparation – suggestions given

What do teachers say about this resource? (7347)

Wow! This is a fantastic resource. It is incredibly detailed, offering an in-depth analysis of the text, with a wide range of activities linked to this aspect of the AQA specification. At a time when there are so few resources around for the new specifications, this resource is a shining beacon of hope! I really like the way analysis tasks/re-creative tasks are woven together. This allows students to continue to apply the language levels, a key aspect of the course, and develop their writing ability simultaneously. The resource enhances learning by being incredibly closely linked to the requirements of the specification. It provides useful tasks that clearly develop the skills students need, but is not repetitive or dull. The constant reference to the language levels will allow students to continue to develop their analytical skills – a key requirement for the entire specification. This is a really useful and valuable resource.

L Deighton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

In my opinion, the content of this exam guide is excellent. This is an extremely detailed and well-structured guide that will be of tremendous benefit to teachers and students alike. [It] is very well informed and would definitely be suitable for the target audience... The chapter-by-chapter analysis of the novel is also comprehensive and will provide an invaluable revision guide. There are also helpful top tips for how the students could construct a re-creative piece and commentary... The author has provided a comprehensive study guide and I have been impressed reading it. M Lloyd, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

M Lloyd, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

An excellent range of tasks, and as a resource this really covers the full scope needed for the exam, with lots of well-structured exemplar questions along the way... This is a really effective breakdown of the play... The comprehension tasks help students clarify their knowledge and understanding. The analysis is precise and sharply driven through the questions which encourage them to look deeply at the text.

N Martin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A useful resource with helpful content and detailed information for both teaching and/or revision.

It sticks to the specification AOs and demonstrates how to meet them. Clear example answers help to guide students.

These tasks will help students to develop their points about how their recast is different to the base text as necessary to achieve good marks in the exam question.

L Mills, KS5 Lead in English & Peer Reviewer