Write Like a Roman: English to Latin Worksheets for GCSE OCR

Flexible – perfect for class, homework, revision and independent learning.

Master the Latin Language
Champion your students’ English-to-Latin translation skills with 38 exercises supporting all words from OCR’s Restricted Vocabulary List.

Organised by grammar construction, each self-contained worksheet offers 25–30 words to translate – excellent for grammar practice and a disciplined approach to vocab building.

The resource is explicitly linked to the forthcoming OCR GCSE language requirement, thus filling an important ‘gap in the market’

J King, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Conquer the Cases!
‘The graded nature is geared to students progressing in a sensible fashion.’(C Bird, Latin Teacher and Independent Reviewer)

Students face the cases and tenses gradually, with difficulty increasing towards a final exercise on mixed conjugations with nouns in all cases – ideal for differentiation and improving student confidence.

I was impressed by the variety of different tasks

P Adair, Teacher & Senior Examiner

Successfully Execute the Exam
Exam-style questions and ‘Mark it!’ sheets for self, peer or teacher marking give students the measure of the mark scheme in order to target exam requirements.

Challenges on every worksheet include:

  1. ‘Test Your Word Power!’ – consolidates vocabulary
  2. ‘Stopwatch Challenge’ – features by-rote learning
  3. ‘Spot the Mistake’ – helps eliminate common errors
  4. ‘Quick Quiz’ – tests understanding of each case and tense

Would I purchase this resource? Definitely. I’m sure every teacher in the country would too!

C Bird, Teacher, Tutor & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7299)

I am looking forward to using this resource because it is clear, straightforward to use, covers all the relevant tense/conjugation/vocab needed for the exam... clearly structured with obvious steps of progression from one exercise to the next. The Teacher Introduction and The Approach clearly explained the rationale behind the structure of the resource... I was impressed by the variety of different tasks. ‘The Seven Simple Rules’ near the beginning is very effective and I would encourage students to use this as a checklist for their exam preparation. ‘Spot the Mistake’ is an interesting set of tasks sprinkled throughout. I especially liked the fact that students are not simply expected to identify the errors but also give an explanation of ‘why’ which enhances their understanding and makes them really think about their learning. I thought it was effective in providing an example for each exercise before the student is let loose to complete the other questions. The ‘Anagram Challenge’ is a nifty idea as students also have to know the correct meaning of the Latin word. At the end the Answer section is straightforward and the answers are clearly labelled and easy to find and read. To be honest, there is nothing that I dislike! The ‘Hot Tip’ feature on each exercise provides timely reminders of common pitfalls and this is useful for students to see in writing... The ‘Stopwatch Challenge’ is a great idea as it clearly tests the student – it is an opportunity for self/peer assessment. The ‘Test Your Word Power’ is also sprinkled across the resource focusing closely on the demands of the specification... it cleverly allows students to test their memory and vocabulary by asking them to list 3 words beginning with A etc... This resource interprets the specification well. It makes good use of the Restricted Vocabulary List and covers all of the points of grammar specified in the specification.

P Adair, Teacher & Senior Examiner

A really good resource which will be in great demand. There are plenty of Latin teachers who lack confidence in teaching this section of the syllabus and who will value this resource. The layout is really good and very suited to using in the classroom... it enhances learning. The graded nature is geared to students progressing in a sensible fashion... the layout is lovely. I like the fact that each page followed a similar structure with the Hot Tip at the top and an activity or two at the bottom... Would I purchase this resource? Definitely. I’m sure every teacher in the country would, too! Great idea. Wish I’d thought of it!

C Bird, Teacher, Tutor & Peer Reviewer

I was delighted to discover this resource... Everything was very clearly set out, with a pattern that pupils would begin to recognise and look forward to. I thought the level of difficulty progressed at a good rate and thus increased confidence. It focuses on particular developments without using any other complications or anything else new at the same time... I liked the way the material is graded to build up knowledge of vocabulary and grammar competence. It stressed the need for pupils to understand the groupings of conjugations and declensions... Test your Wordpower is great for revising the vocabulary and makes it fun. Spot the Mistake and the Stopwatch Challenge give a healthy sense of fun and competition which I find really assists learning. It also reinforces the learning of complex endings... These short learning checkpoints keep the pace brisk and are very useful... I found the 7 rules in the introduction make great use of strategy as well as learning by rote. The tips on word order really help to appeal to Latin as a logical rather than random language! It was great to have some exam style questions at the end to get pupils used to this section of the exam. I really appreciate having a mark scheme included as this can be used as a resource to differentiate in class. Able pupils can work from it on their own and self or peer mark. This is very satisfying for them and me. It also shows them how the exam will be marked and marking their own is more effective than my corrections or advice... The Hot tip was a treat on each page and very useful for reinforcing previous knowledge... It may even make the new 10 mark exercise in the GCSE exam something enjoyable instead of onerous!... The sentences are just the right length and it does not fall into the trap of trying to achieve too much with consequent confusion.

R Millar, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Progression is logical and clear, and the standard rises from 0-GCSE at a steady rate. The resource is explicitly linked to the forthcoming OCR GCSE language requirement, thus filling an important ‘gap in the market’... I particularly liked the regular 1-page-1-exercise approach and the explicit link to the OCR GCSE vocabulary list. I liked the quick quiz questions and the stopwatch challenges... This resource provides an extremely welcome fund of example sentences, presenting grammar points in the traditional order... the resource leads pupils gently and enjoyably to GCSE level, culminating in authentic exam-style questions and mark schemes... There is an element of fun, but avoids frivolity.

J King, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It helps prepare [students] for the English to Latin element of the new GCSE syllabus. It is simply and clearly structured and laid out. It will save you a lot of preparation time.

C Madel, Teacher & Customer

This gives good revision exercises for the new GCSE Latin in an easily accessible format. It is almost entirely focused on the needs of the exam which is useful... can be used as bridging material for students that are coming to English into Latin later in a course.

M Cooper, Teacher & Peer Reviewer